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3 Treatments That Will Leave You Looking Younger in Under an Hour

Treatments That Will Leave You Looking Younger in Under an Hour

If you look in the mirror and see the reflection of someone who appears years older than you feel, take action. Thanks to advances in medical technology, frown lines, brown spots, fine lines and facial hair can now be easily eliminated without surgery or downtime. There may be no stopping the hands of time, but you can stop the effects it has on your face, often in under an hour.

Three treatments that can rejuvenate your appearance during your lunch hour

It’s true. You can actually complete most of these treatments during your one-hour lunch break. And the results are amazing. Read on to learn how to banish your wrinkles mid-day.

I recommend three treatments to patients who want to look younger, without a lengthy downtime.

The 20 minute Botox® facial rejuvenation

Botox injections remain one of the most effective and popular anti-aging treatments. Injections take little time, often less than 20 minutes. We can use Botox to smooth the crow’s feet around your eyes, creases in your forehead and frown lines around your mouth. One treatment can last as long as nine months into the future. When you see lines starting to reappear, you simply call and schedule a refill. We will make them go away, again.

Smooth lines and add volume with dermal fillers

Another issue you might be experiencing as you age is a loss of volume in your cheeks. Juvéderm Voluma® XC is an injectable gel which I use to add just the right amount of lift and contour to your cheek area. The difference will amaze you. We can also use dermal fillers like Juvéderm® XC and Restylane® to fill in the fine lines around your mouth. These treatments will take years off your appearance.

Amazing results with anti-aging laser treatments

I use a number of different anti-aging laser treatments in my practice. Each laser treatment offers its unique results to strip away the years and restore your youthful appearance.

  • Smartskin+ CO2 laser skin revitalization. Laser treatments are so much more effective than topical treatments. The Smartskin+CO2 laser targets a deeper level of your skin. This stimulates skin cell regeneration at that deeper level, creating a new, youthful-looking layer of skin. The change is more dramatic and longer lasting as a result.
  • Icon™ laser hair and pigmentation removal. Unwanted facial hair is a frustrating problem for many women. If this is a problem you deal with, the Icon laser can remove hair from your upper lip quickly, usually in about 30 minutes. Your upper lip will usually remain free from “whiskers” for several weeks after a treatment.
  • MedLite C6 laser anti-aging treatment. Discoloration on the skin is often referred to as “liver spots” or age spots. The Medlite C6 laser can virtually erase those pigmentations from your skin. The laser strips away the top layers of your skin surface where the coloration sits so that fresh, natural skin cells can replace the darker cells. We often use it for tattoo removals, too.

Don’t let your skin lie about how old you are. Call our office and schedule a consultation. We will restore that youthful you in no time.

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