Fat Transfer Surgery

As we age, areas of the body and face begin to lose volume. When patients seek a solution that will improve the body’s appearance, they often seek a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles specializing in fat transfer procedures to discover if this surgery is their best option for achieving their goals. Fat transfer is done by extracting fat from target areas of the body where it is then cleaned so that only perfect, undamaged fat cells are used. Once these cells have been isolated, the plastic surgeon injects them into the target areas to restore volume and rejuvenate the patient’s appearance.

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Fat transfer is usually injected into the face, buttocks, and breasts. However, it is sometimes injected into other areas when patients are undergoing a full body sculpting procedure. One of the most popular operations in which one gets a fat transfer procedure is when breasts are being reconstructed after a double or single mastectomy. But fat transfer is a commonly performed procedure used to address a wide range of body areas.

Who is Not an Ideal Candidate for Fat Transfer?

If your only beauty goal is to refine the appearance of some fine lines and wrinkles, then fat transfer may not be the best procedure, as laser treatments, a facelift, or resurfacing procedures would likely be more ideal. However, unless you have a consultation with a plastic surgeon, you won’t truly know what the best procedure is to help you achieve a younger, healthier look and feel. There are also certain medical conditions one could have that would not make them ideal candidates for fat transfer. When you have a consultation with your physician, he will review your medical history and current condition, and work with you to carve out a plan using the best procedures to help you achieve every single one of your goals. Fat transfer does indeed minimize wrinkles, but just be aware that if volume isn’t a concern, then another procedure may be more appropriate.

What are the Benefits of Fat Transfer Surgery?

Fat transfer offers patients several benefits. These include the following:

  • Filling out the shape of one’s face
  • Amplifying the buttocks
  • Breast augmentation
  • Fill hollowed contours of the breasts after a mastectomy
  • Tone and slim donor areas
  • Offers a more natural look than most implants
  • Little downtime / fast recovery
  • East to combine with other treatments such as liposuction
  • Permanent results / long-lasting results
  • The body tolerates it far better than alternative procedures
  • Little / no anesthesia

If you are considering fat transfer, your candidacy will prove to be a better fit if you are in good physical and mental health and have realistic expectations. These expectations will be set when you have a consultation with Dr. Peter Grossman in a manner of full transparency with clear expectations set.

What to Expect After a Fat Transfer Procedure

Patients who have received fat injections report little to no pain. In some cases, bruising, swelling or some redness occurred during the healing process in both the recipient and donor sites. You may experience swelling and puffiness for a few weeks, but with the right post-surgery treatment you shouldn’t be in any pain. Most patients can return to work and engage in light activity as early as one day after the fat transfer procedure.

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What are the Risks of Fat Transfer?

If fat transfer is improperly performed, there is an elevation of risk. If you seek fat transfer from someone who doesn’t have a medical license, or if a surgeon with poor skills performs fat transfer, then the risks are greater for bleeding, clotting, infection, fat necrosis, and a score of other critical complications that can be fatal. If the surgeon is not experienced or has the right training, he may accidentally inject fat cells into deep muscle which can lead to a fat embolism or other problems. These complications are extremely rare, and when you seek fat transfer from highly skilled and licensed plastic surgeons like Dr. Peter Grossman, your chances of having complications are slim to none.

Why is Fat Transfer Considered to Be So Safe?

When having a fat transfer procedure, you are using your body’s own fat, making the chance of rejection incredibly slim. Fat transfer also eliminates the risk of having an allergic reaction, as you are using your own tissue as opposed to foreign materials. Fat transfer is also a very common procedure, with three steps that include harvesting, purification, and placement.

During the harvesting process excess fat is removed from the body using a gentle form of liposuction. Usually, fat cells are taken from the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, or jowls. Once the fat is removed it goes through a purification process that eliminates oils and blood while safely preparing the fat for transplanting. Finally, the fat cells are then placed into the target areas. Great skill is required to do this, as the injected fat must have continuous blood supply. These three stages are not only absolutely necessary to perform fat transfer, but they also aid in making this procedure one of the safest cosmetic surgeries.

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For more than three decades Dr. Peter Grossman has been performing fat transfer procedures to patients throughout Los Angeles, and to those who seek a perfect contoured body from all over the country. Dr. Grossman has mastered this procedure and has a spotless record in working with patients to help them achieve the body goals of their wildest dreams. Book a consultation with Dr. Grossman today and discover if fat transfer is the right procedure for you, or if this procedure should be paired with another to help you look and feel your best.


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