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Tattoo removal and cosmetic treatment technology is evolving at a very rapid pace to meet the needs of patients, especially those in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles County where beauty isn’t just viewed as a bonus, but a way of life. The need for a device that resolves many of the common skin concerns is critical to anti-aging treatments, cosmetic treatments, and skincare, and the Pico laser is one of the latest technologies that effectively addresses and treats all of these.

In fact, the journal Dermatologic Surgery published a review article titled “Evolution of the Picosecond Laser: A Review of Literature” by Dr. Richard Torbeck and others, in which a team of medical experts concluded that the evolutionary science behind the Pico laser has “altered the field of dermatology” and while originally used for tattoo removal, it “optimizes efficacy and reduces side effects with nanosecond domain lasers” and is “effective in the treatment of pigmentary disorders, acne scarring and photoaging.” When seeking a cosmetic surgical center offering Pico laser near me in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, Grossman Medical is a top provider that utilizes this technology to address a wide range of skin concerns.

What Is Pico Laser Technology?

The Pico laser is a non-invasive alternative to some surgeries that treats a majority of common skin imperfections that include acne scarring, uneven skin tone, and sun spots. When it comes to the newest and most advanced laser treatments currently available at cosmetic surgical centers, Pico laser technology is the most sophisticated option offering the best results. The Pico laser delivers permanent results that are noticed within fewer sessions when compared to other technologies. At Grossman Medical, the Pico laser is primarily used to remove tattoos, and it is also used in an anti-aging treatment plan focusing on the face and to address specific problems a patient may have across the body, targeting a wide range of specific areas that need treatment.

How Does the Pico Laser Work?

The Pico laser works by creating pigmented lesions that enhance elastic production in the skin, which fades or removes tattoos (for treatable colors), and it also gives the skin a fuller, softer, and more youthful appearance. When Dr. Grossman applies Pico laser treatments, ultra-short energy pulses void of heat are sent to the problem areas where the “problem skin” pigment is shattered, destroying the bad pigment particles through the body’s natural elimination process.

Due to the combination of Dr. Peter Grossman’s skillset and mastery of the Pico laser, and the technology’s ultra preciseness, an optimal photomechanical effect is achieved.

Are Pico Laser Treatments Painful?

Pico laser treatments are not painful. While the technology delivers highly concentrated energetic pulses, the effect is gentle on the skin’s outer layer and there is zero chance of burns. At Grossman Medical, the most any patient has ever reported was mild discomfort during the treatment. For those receiving the Pico laser treatment to sensitive areas, Dr. Grossman can apply a topical cream that numbs the skin to improve the patient’s comfort.

Pico Laser for Acne Scarring

Without the right skin treatment, acne scars can last a lifetime, having a severe impact on a person’s confidence and self-esteem. People will waste time and money trying to find an effective way to fade or eliminate acne scars, but the treatment protocols previously invested in offer little. Pico laser technology has changed everything, as the treatment is highly effective because it does the following:

  • Pico laser creates micro thermal injuries on target areas
  • The minimally injured skin stimulates the body to enact its natural healing process
  • Skin is repaired and remodeled through the collagen production that takes place as the body heals itself

Multiple studies have shown that the Pico laser has the ability to remove acne scars, and patients who have tried multiple treatment protocols before the Pico laser reported that this acne scar removal technology was the best way to treat their skin condition, and they even expressed that the treatment is easy and painless.

Pico Laser for Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal is one of the most popular services the Pico laser provides. This technology can remove unwanted tattoos from any location on the body by maximizing the speed at which tattoo pigments are shattered by the Pico laser device.

Even though the Pico laser is regarded by many plastic surgeons as offering the best tattoo removal technology, just keep in mind that no laser tattoo removal method can completely rid the skin of all colored ink pigments. For example, black, gray, and dark green ink are the easiest types to remove, while purple, yellow, and fluorescent colors are more difficult to remove.

When you book your consultation with Dr. Peter Grossman for Pico laser tattoo removal, he will be able to analyze your tattoo and the condition of your skin to give you an accurate treatment expectation.

Pico Laser for Sun Damage and Skin Discoloration

While being harmless, standard sun damage, birthmarks, melasma, and other conditions that cause skin discoloration can be very concerning for people and even have adverse effects on one’s mental health. Dr. Grossman can target certain areas and small patches of skin using the Pico laser to minimize the risk of thermal damage, and the Pico laser can be adjusted to send an array of wavelengths that target and remove superficial pigmentation. When it comes to treating conditions that discolor the skin, Pico laser technology can give patients noticeable results after just one treatment. This, coupled with its pain-free execution and safety, makes the Pico laser a leading form of technology for treating skin discoloration problems and sun damaged skin.

Call Grossman Medical to Book Your Pico Laser Consultation

Grossman Medical is a leader in Pico laser skin treatments for a wide range of conditions. Now is the time to learn how this amazing new technology can help you achieve your beauty goals without the need for surgery, and without having to go through a painful or complex treatment plan. Whether you want to discover how the Pico laser can remove your unwanted tattoo, eliminate your acne scars, or correct your skin’s discoloration concern, call to book your consultation with Dr. Peter Grossman and take that first big step towards living the best version of your authentic self.


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