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Sweating is the body’s natural way of cooling itself. When your body temperature rises, the nervous system sends signals to the sweat glands. It’s normal to sweat on a hot day or while exercising. You may also notice that you sweat when you’re nervous or anxious. However, if you suffer from hyperhidrosis, you sweat even though your body temperature hasn’t increased.

Hyperhidrosis is caused when the nerves become overactive that are responsible for signaling to your sweat glands.  You may notice excessive sweat on your palms, the soles of your feet, your face, and in your underarm region. The condition is embarrassing, as many with hyperhidrosis sweat so much that it soaks through their clothes. Others experience sweat dripping off their hands.

Aside from just being embarrassing, heavy sweating can disrupt normal daily activities while also causing social anxiety. The good news is that hyperhidrosis treatment is available. Many start by using prescription-strength antiperspirants. If these products don’t help, there are medications that can be prescribed.

For those with severe cases, there are non-surgical and surgical options to treat the problem. If you’re looking for trusted hyperhidrosis treatment in the West Hills, CA area, you can count on the team at Grossman Plastic Surgery.

Hyperhidrosis Options

Man With Hyperhidrosis Sweating Touching His Armpit

It’s normal to sweat during exercise, in a hot environment, or when you’re stressed. With hyperhidrosis, you experience excessive sweating that exceeds normal sweating. Many who have the condition experience excessive sweating on their hands, feet, face, and in the underarm region.

There are many underlying medical conditions that can cause the body to sweat more than usual. These conditions include:

  • Thyroid problems
  • Menopause hot flashes
  • Diabetes
  • Low blood sugar
  • Nervous system disorders
  • Certain types of infections

If you suffer from any of these conditions, you’ll want to talk with your doctor to have the condition treated first. For patients who don’t have a clear cause of excessive sweating, there are several hyperhidrosis treatment options that are available.

You’ll likely first be prescribed an antiperspirant or a cream. Antiperspirant that contains aluminum chloride is known to decrease sweating. Your doctor may also prescribe you a cream that contains glycopyrrolate, which can be applied to the face, head, and other areas of the body.

If topical options don’t work, there are also medications that can be used for hyperhidrosis treatment, such as nerve-blocking medications and antidepressants. Nerve-blocking medications contain chemicals that permit certain nerves from communicating with each other, which can prevent the body from creating excessive sweat. Certain antidepressants may also decrease sweating while also minimizing anxiety.

Botulinum Toxin Injections

When creams, antiperspirants, and medications haven’t worked, or if you’re interested in an alternative treatment, many turn to botulinum toxin injections, better known as BOTOX. These injections work by temporarily blocking the nerves that cause excessive sweating. BOTOX, Myobloc, and other botulinum toxin injections can be used on various areas of the body but are most commonly used to treat excessive underarm sweating.

Microwave Therapy (miraDry)

Microwave therapy is another effective treatment for excessive sweating. Many plastic surgeons use miraDry, which is an FDA-approved treatment for permanently eliminating underarm sweat as well as odor glands. miraDry is the first FDA-cleared treatment that halts unwanted, excessive underarm sweat and odor-producing glands.

Using microwave energy, the device is able to permanently eliminate the underarm sweat glands. The body contains more than two million sweat glands, with around 2% of them located in the underarm area. Undergoing microwave therapy only removes the glands in the treated area, so the body’s ability to cool itself is not affected.

Sweat Gland Removal Pros and Cons

Other hyperhidrosis treatment options include sweat gland removal, suction curettage, and sympathectomy (nerve surgery). These are surgical procedures that are used to specifically address sweating in the armpit and underarm area.

Sweat Gland Underarm Treatment Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of hyperhidrosis treatment is that you’ll no longer experience excessive sweating under your arms or in any other area on your body. Excessive sweating can be extremely embarrassing. There’s nothing worse than having dripping sweat that you cannot control. If you suffer from hyperhidrosis, you know just how much the condition can impact your social life as well as personal relationships.

With effective treatment, excessive sweating will be a problem of the past. This means that you don’t have to worry about sweating through your clothes or carrying around a cloth to use to wipe excessive sweat off of your hands or face.

Sweat Gland Underarm Treatment Process

The treatment process for hyperhidrosis depends on the treatment option that you choose. Treating sweat gland underarm using botulinum toxin injections is a relatively easy process. First, your skin with be numbed. Then the toxin will be injected into the affected area of the body. Most patients require several injections in order to experience results.

After BOTOX is used on the affected area, you can expect treatment to last anywhere from six to 12 months. Once excessive sweating returns, treatment will need to be repeated. BOTOX injections can be slightly painful, and you may experience temporarily muscle weakness in the affected area.

For miraDry (microwave therapy), you can expect to undergo at least two 30 minute sessions, which are scheduled three months apart. The procedure uses a non-invasive handheld device that delivers electromagnetic energy to the underarm region, specifically where the sweat glands are located.

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What causes excessive underarm sweat?

There are many underlying health conditions that can cause excessive sweat, specifically in the underarm region. Thyroid issues, diabetes, menopause, and other conditions can all cause the body to produce excessive amounts of sweat.

If you believe that you have an underlying health condition, consult with your primary care physician.

How long does treatment last?

This depends on the type of treatment that you choose for hyperhidrosis. BOTOX injections can offer relief from excessive sweating for six to twelve months. Once the side effects start to diminish, you’ll need to undergo another round of treatment.

On the other hand, miraDry offers life-long relief. This treatment requires two to three sessions, in which the sweat glands under the arm are eliminated entirely.

Does hyperhidrosis treatment hurt?

BOTOX medication is injected just below the surface of the skin. Injections are made using a grid pattern in the area of concern. Before injections are administered, you will be given something to prevent pain, such as a numbing agent or ice.

MiraDry is relatively painless, though local anesthesia is required. Patients are given lidocaine injections, which can be uncomfortable. Once the armpits are completely numb, the hand-held device is applied to the area. Treatment takes about an hour.

After undergoing a miraDry session, you may experience underarm redness, soreness, and swelling, which can last a few days to a few weeks. You may also experience tingling and numbness.

How much does treatment cost?

A round of BOTOX used to treat underarm hyperhidrosis can cost anywhere from $1,000-$3,000. A session of miraDry costs $2,000-$3,000.

To discuss costs, it’s best to contact your plastic surgeon.

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Don’t suffer from excessive underarm sweating any longer! The embarrassing condition is easily treated using BOTOX injections or miraDry therapy. These treatments take no more than 30 minutes and offer long-lasting results.

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