Cosmetic Skin Procedures Cosmetic Skin Procedures

Cosmetic Skin Procedures

Feeling confident and beautiful starts with having skin that you love. Sun exposure, aging, and genetics can all play a role in the look of your skin. Whether you want to look more youthful or get rid of unwanted facial hair, you can count on Dr. Grossman to offer just the procedure for you.

Enjoy a More Youthful You

Dr. Grossman and his team offer a variety of treatments that will give you more youthful looking skin, including age spot removal, laser resurfacing, sun spot removal, laser skin tightening, and laser skin rejuvenation.

With the right skin treatments, you can feel more confident and look younger than your years.

Get Rid of Unwanted Facial Hair

Tired of tweezing or waxing your face to remove unsightly facial hair? Put down the tweezers and say goodbye to the painful waxing treatments —and then say hello to laser hair removal. Permanent facial hair removal is great for getting rid of hair on the chin, neck, and upper lip.

Other Treatments

Aside from laser skin treatment and laser hair removal, our office also offers laser dark spot removal, laser tattoo removal service, and others. Dr. Grossman only uses top of the line technology for all laser skin treatment services, including the MedLite C6 laser, PicoSure laser, and the SmartSkin CO2 laser.

Are you ready to put your best skin forward? Browse our gallery or contact us to schedule a free consultation to discuss your skin care goals.



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