Breast Implant Revision & Breast Implant Exchange Surgery

Breast implant revision, also known as breast implant exchange surgery, is a procedure performed by a plastic surgeon that replaces old breast implants with new implants that are ideally suited for the patient’s aesthetic goals and overall health. Generally, the goal is to improve the appearance of the breasts while updating the implant product. In addition, the plastic surgeon may also reshape the breast implant pocket to reposition the implant’s location on the chest, perform a breast reduction or a lift, and increase or decrease the shape, size, and style of the breast implant.

Breast implant exchange is performed for women who have several needs that include the following:

Change from saline to silicone or another implant style – Sometimes we develop new health challenges and the type of breast implants we have can impact various medical factors.

Pain from capsular contracture  – The formation of a “capsule” of scar tissue around any type of implant is a normal part of the healing process.  This capsule helps keep implants in place.  However in some patients this capsule of scar tissue becomes unusually hard and starts to contract around the implant.  This can lead to both anesthetic problems as well as pain in the breast.  In these cases, surgical removal of the capsular contracture and new implants can work to restore health and appearance.

New desire to change the shape of the breast – Whether it’s for a personal aesthetic reason, or a medical one, sometimes patients seek to change the shape of their breasts. When getting breast implant revision surgery, the shape can be changed to a more desirable appearance.

Need to change breast size – Just like changing the shape, breast implant exchange surgery is sought by those who wish to change the size of their breasts. Some women want to get a breast reduction for personal reasons, while others seek breast reduction for medical problems that can occur from breasts that are too big, such as back problems. Then there are women who want larger breasts because they aren’t satisfied with the results from their previous surgery. In both cases, breast implant revision and exchange can replace the implant with a size that’s more appropriate.

Rupture concerns – Sometimes it is obvious when a breast implant ruptures, and sometimes it isn’t. A silicone implant rupture that doesn’t leave any noticeable symptoms is known as a “silent rupture”, and will require breast implant revision. When ruptures leave signs, these can include increased firmness, pain, changes in breast shape and size, and swelling over several weeks. When someone suspects they have had an implant rupture they should see a breast physician immediately, as such a situation needs to be addressed without delay.

How Often Should Women have Breast Implant Exchange Surgery?

Most women elect to change their breast implants once every 10 years. Over time, breast plants can change in size and shape while the breast tissue simultaneously changes. For these reasons women will typically have breast implant exchange surgery about once a decade to ensure the right implant size is consistent with the desired look and the way the breast tissue grows.

Finally, breast implant revision surgery is not a routine or standard procedure; it requires a customized approach to provide the right solution to the patient’s desires and goals. Dr. Peter Grossman is board certified plastic surgeon with decades of experience in performing high-quality breast implant revision and breast implant exchange surgery that meets the patient’s needs while orchestrating surgical plans that address all of the fine points that revolve around the surgery.

What to Expect in a Breast Implant Exchange Consultation

Doctor showing silicone implant for woman during consultation

To achieve your dream of having the perfect breasts you need to have an in-person consultation at Grossman Medical with our leading breast surgeon. During your breast exchange consultation, your doctor will listen to your concerns and needs surrounding your breasts. He will also examine your previous surgical report and he will research your current breast implants, as well as the mockup images of the breasts who want to achieve through the implant exchange surgery. Then the surgeon will perform a physical exam in which precise measurements will be taken and will help you choose the right implant size while delving into the art and science of the method to achieve the ideal look. Just remember that the size, width and shape have to fit within the chest wall.

Book a Breast Implant Revision and Exchange Consultation at Grossman Medical

Your dream of having the perfect breasts to compliment you as a whole person begins with a consultation. Call our team at Grossman Medical today to book your breast implant revision and exchange consultation and begin your journey towards becoming the best possible version of your authentic self.


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