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3 Tips For Getting The Best Breast Augmentation Results

As you are planning your breast augmentation in Los Angeles, you will want to ensure that your results reflect your dream body. You may not have access to a crystal ball, but there are things you can keep in mind when having consultations with breast surgeons in Los Angeles County. It takes a great degree of confidence to trust your body to a surgeon, and thankfully there are some steps you can take to make sure you get the best results, before and after your breast augmentation procedure.

1. Choose the Right Breast Augmentation Surgeon for You

There are several skilled breast surgeons in Los Angeles that specialize in breast augmentation surgery, but that doesn’t mean that all of them are the right physicians to perform your surgery. Here are the following things to consider when researching breast surgeons:

Patient Reviews – Look for verified patient reviews that testify to the satisfaction they had with the outcome of their breast augmentation procedure.

Before and After Portfolio – When you have your consultation, ask to see before and after photos of previous breast augmentation procedures the surgeon performed. When looking at the photos, be sure to notice how the healed incisions look, symmetry, proportion sizing, and how natural the breast shape looks.

Credentials – Don’t assume your breast surgeon is certified just because he has a practice; check his credentials to ensure he is board certified to perform breast augmentation surgery in Los Angeles, and check his medical school background, and finally, make sure he has rich experience in performing breast augmentation procedures.

Aesthetics and the Artist’s Eye – Technical skills are important, but so too is having an artist’s eye. Your breast augmentation surgeon should have an artistic insight for shape, proportion, and form. Having an advanced understanding of aesthetics only makes a breast surgeon better.

The best way for you to determine if a breast surgeon is right for you is to have a consultation in his office. You don’t have to commit to having the procedure, but you can get a good sense for his bedside manner, as well as the fine points listed above. Personality is also important, as you will want to make a connection with your physician.

2. Combine Multiple Breast Procedures

To achieve your ideal results, you may need a combination of breast procedures. For example, many women will combine a breast lift with their breast augmentation surgery to get more of a perky look that implants alone can’t provide. When you have your consultation at Grossman Medical, you will have the opportunity to tell the doctor exactly what kind of look you hope to achieve from breast augmentation surgery, and he will be able to tell you if any additional breast procedures will be needed to get your desired results.

3. Take Special Care of Scars

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You will want to follow your doctor’s exact instructions when it comes to caring for your scars. You can significantly minimize the appearance of scars from breast augmentation surgery with specialty care. Avoid irritating your incisions by wearing the wrong type of clothing or bras, and don’t stretch. Your doctor will likely give you post-surgical garments to wear, and you may even have some gauze. Just follow your doctor’s aftercare instructions down to the letter, and your chance of induction will be greatly reduced, and the outcome of your breast augmentation surgery will likely reflect your ideal vision of your perfect body.

Why You Should Call Grossman Medical for a Breast Augmentation Consultation

For more than a decade, Dr. Peter Grossman has established himself as the best breast surgeon in Los Angeles, and in the country for that matter, as the go-to physician for breast augmentation surgery. With a sterling record, hundreds of delighted women leaving rave reviews, and a massive portfolio of before and after work that testifies to flawless technical skill and masterful artistry, Dr. Grossman has, and continues to, lead the way in breast augmentation surgery. Call now to book a consultation and discover how you can refine your look to reflect your true self.

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