4 Skin Conditions That Morpheus8 Treatments Can Treat

For decades now, researchers in the medical and beauty industries have been searching for the best ways to rejuvenate aging skin, as well as treat some of the common skin concerns that people of all ages experience. Now, thanks to an exciting groundbreaking, non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatment called Morpheus8, people are able to take years off their appearance and improve many common skin concerns without having to go under the knife. People in Los Angeles go to Grossman Medical for Morpheus8 Beverly Hills treatments for many reasons:

  • Grossman Medical is a short drive from Beverly Hills right over the canyon in West Hills, making it convenient for patients on the west.
  • Peter Grossman administers Morpheus8 treatments for a wide range of needs, including maintenance for patients who have had a facelift or other cosmetic surgeries.
  • Peter Grossman is a nationally acclaimed plastic surgeon known for his advanced medical knowledge, skills, and his artistic eye for bodily aesthetics.
  • Grossman Medical is a top cosmetic surgical center in Los Angeles that offers Morpheus8, and therefore results are known for being the absolute best.

People seeking the best Morpheus8 treatments Beverly Hills offers will make the short drive to Grossman Medical for the above reasons. Now that you have better insight into Morpheus8, let’s go over some of the common skin concerns people have that Morpheus8 can be ideal for treating.

(1) Morpheus8 Can Be Used to Treat Surgical Scarring

Surgical scars tend to be wider and harder to the touch because incisions go deeper than standard cuts, and the collagen build-up that takes place over a few months from the damaged tissue, combined with blood supply increases to the area, causes these types of scars to be lumpy and raised. Many people feel self-conscious about these large scars, especially if they are in areas that are highly noticeable.

Morpheus8 can help to eliminate or fade surgical scars because it breaks up scar tissue and fibrous tissue, which results in better skin elasticity and firmer skin. The number of Morpheus8 treatments that one requires on their surgical scar will vary from person to person, as the scar’s location, surgical method that was used, and the condition of the patient’s skin will dictate the number of necessary treatments. When you have a Morpheus8 consultation at Grossman Medical, your physician will be able to give you an accurate idea as to the number of treatments you will need to achieve your beauty goal.

(2) Treat Your Stretch Marks With Morpheus8

While stretch marks are a normal part of one’s life that occurs due to pregnancy, aging, or weight gain/weight loss, they are also responsible for causing a lot of people to feel insecure and self-conscious, especially during bathing suit season. Morpheus8 can be an ideal way to eliminate stretch marks. The technology used incorporates radiofrequency with microneedling—a powerful amalgamation that enables a deep fractional treatment with heat, to stimulate collagen production to eliminate stretch marks. Because the heat comes from radiofrequency technology, there is no risk of being burned, and Morpheus8 is regarded as a minimally invasive treatment.

(3) Morpheus8 Treats Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Wrinkles and the aging process go hand-in-hand; as we age, our ability to produce collagen naturally decreases, causing wrinkles and fine lines. Since Morpheus8’s combination of microneedling and radiofrequency produces natural collagen growth, it can eliminate wrinkles and fine lines. In fact, many people come to Grossman Medical seeking “Morpheus8 wrinkle treatments,” as the very name of this treatment is rooted into the treatment of wrinkles on the face, knees, back, and other regions of the body.

While Morpheus8 is not a replacement for a facelift, many patients seeking a facelift are surprised to learn that they can achieve their beauty goals by getting Morpheus8 treatments. When you book a consultation at Grossman Medical, your physician can go over both the facelift and Morpheus8 treatments, and recommend the best approach based on your beauty goals, health, and skin’s condition.

(4) Morpheus8 Can Treat Bra Fat

The last thing women want during the summer months is to have bulging regions of fat protruding from their bikini top. Also known as “bra fat,” rolls of fat around the bra line, as well as excess fat on the arms, can be treated with Morpheus8. Many of our patients from Beverly Hills book Morpheus8 treatments to target bra fat, and excess fat in other areas of the body. Because this treatment stimulates natural collagen production in “problem areas,” Morpheus8 enables greater skin elasticity to create more firmness, and as a result, fatty folds can be eliminated or significantly reduced.

Book Your Morpheus8 Treatments at Grossman Medical Today!

Summertime is right around the corner, and this is one of the busiest times at Grossman Medical, as people want to prepare for beach season so they can look and feel their best! Whether your goal is to eliminate wrinkles, remove scars, get rid of stretch marks, remove fat folds, or you have other aesthetic goals for your body, Morpheus8 could be your best treatment option. Call today to book a Morpheus8 consultation with Dr. Peter Grossman, and learn how the magic of microneedling with radiofrequency can take years off your appearance, restore your confidence, and have you looking your absolute best when you are lounging by the pool this summer!

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