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4 Things to Ask When Seeking Laser Tattoo Removal Near Me in West Hills and All of Los Angeles

It is not unusual or abnormal to regret getting a tattoo. Let’s face it, whether we once loved someone and had their name or portrait tattooed on the body as an expression of a love that no longer exists, or we simply had one too many drinks in college and regretted that Care Bear “tramp stamp” that we got with our sorority sisters, regretting a tattoo is just as common as the urge to get one. In fact, according to a study conducted by Healthline in which 600 people with tattoos were surveyed, 75% admitted to at least regretting one of their tattoos. That said, if you live in the area and do a Google search for the best laser tattoo removal services in West Hills and all of Los Angeles, Grossman Medical is proud to offer the most advanced laser technology for removing tattoos. This means our patients experience fewer treatments, better clearance, and higher quality results that are delivered much sooner. This means you get the results you are looking for, and you save money by not having to require so many treatments. Dr. Peter Grossman uses a range of lasers that treat a variety of tattoo types, even those that are complex with multiple colors. Each tattoo removal treatment plan is orchestrated to ensure the best results for each patient, with maximum comfort. When you come in for your tattoo removal consultation, here are four things to think about that you will want to address with Dr. Peter Grossman.


1. Ask How Long it Will Take to Get Your Desired Results From Laser Tattoo Removal

Keep in mind that laser tattoo removal treatments do not give instant results. Certainly, the laser tattoo removal treatments at Grossman Medical are the most effective as we use a wide range of lasers, but you will still require a few treatments before it is gone. The good news is that thanks to our advanced laser technology, you won’t require nearly as many treatments compared to other tattoo removal clinics that use standard technology that’s a few years old. Also, keep in mind that the location of your tattoo and its size, as well as the kind of ink will dictate how long it should take to see dramatic results that reflect your goals. When you come in for your tattoo removal consultation, this is something to discuss with Dr. Grossman. 

2. Ask What Kind of Laser Will Be Used, and Why

Not all cosmetic surgical studios that perform laser tattoo removal services use the highest quality lasers, and these can leave unsightly markings on your body. Then there are some poor-quality lasers that don’t even completely remove the tattoo. You will want to make sure that the laser being used to remove your tattoo is of the latest technology and is of the highest-quality, and make sure it is also designed to treat the right part of your body. For example, a laser used to remove a hand tattoo will be different from one that’s used to remove a tattoo on the buttocks. Ask Dr. Grossman to go into more details when covering the laser types. 

3. Ask About Tattoo Removal Discomfort

For the most part, the discomfort people feel when getting laser tattoo removal is described as being just as uncomfortable as getting the tattoo, or people will usually say that getting the tattoo in the first place was more uncomfortable than having it removed. Often, people ask if tattoo removal hurts. Really, it depends on your own individual pain tolerance, the location of the tattoo, its size, and some other factors that you will have to discuss with Dr. Grossman. In general, however, most people report that laser tattoo removal is not painful, but instead is a bit uncomfortable. 

4. Is Laser Tattoo Removal Really Worth It?

The short answer is yes. More than 98% of people surveyed who had their tattoo removed with a laser said that, considering the cost, results, and the way they felt once the tattoo was gone, that the investment was well worth it. First of all, results will vary from one person to another, and you may also have your own idea as to what you want to look like after the procedure. In order to have realistic expectations and to make sure you are making the right investment in yourself, a laser tattoo removal consultation with Dr. Grossman will be critical. This will help prepare the doctor to choose the right laser to get you the best results, and a consultation will help you better determine if this is the right investment you want to make in yourself. 

removing tattoos with laser applications

An overwhelming majority of people who regret tattoos report that they carry a degree of “bad energy” or remind the person of a time in their life they regret. People have also reported that they have much better self-esteem and greater self-confidence when their unwanted tattoo is removed. Most people are always glad they had laser tattoo removal, and if this is something you have been thinking about for a while, then it is clearly worth investigating further by booking a consultation so that you can arm yourself with more information on how to get rid of an unwanted tattoo. 

Call Grossman Medical Today for a Laser Tattoo Removal Consultation

Now is the time to reach out and call Grossman Medical to book your laser tattoo removal consultation. You don’t have to carry around a regretful tattoo for the rest of your life. Dr. Peter Grossman performed the best tattoo removal services in Los Angeles and West Hills and can help you reclaim your life without having to go through it bearing a mark that you regret. You deserve to feel happy and free, and we are here to help. 


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