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5 Popular Cosmetic Procedures for the Holidays

There are certain events that people want to look their best for. One’s wedding is always at the top of that list, followed by family reunions and graduations. There is another big event that draws families together, and that people want to be in shape for: the holidays. Thanksgiving, Chanukah, and Christmas are right around the corner, and if you are like most people, you would love to slim down, improve your skin, or sculpt your body to look especially striking in time to open your holiday gifts and eat some turkey. If you are searching for the best plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, then you have found him: Dr. Peter Grossman is a top, world-renowned cosmetic surgeon specializing in a wide range of procedures, and here are the top five that patients seek before the holidays.

1. Morpheus8 Technology Tightens the Face and Takes Years Off Your Appearance

Morpheus8 is a radiofrequency micro needling technology that works to improve skin issues such as restoring damaged skin, reducing the signs of aging, contouring, and tightening and smoothing the skin. Approved by the FDA, Morpheus8 is a safe alternative to surgery that has very little preparation required, and a very short recovery time. In fact, most people only experience a little redness, along with minor swelling and scabbing, and this only lasts for roughly a week. When you call Grossman Medical for Morpheus8 treatments, we will set up a consultation and help you prepare to look 20 years younger for your family holiday feast.

2. Get Botox Injections

Another alternative to surgery is getting botox injections. Botox injections help to smooth away lines and give people a more youthful appearance. Many people wonder how long Botox lasts. Most people will see these injections working for anywhere between three and six months. If your goal is to have a more youthful appearance for the holidays, then it is recommended to consider Botox injections in November, as the results should last through Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, and New Year’s.

3. Laser Tattoo Removal

The last thing you want is your ex’s name tattooed on your body as you spend precious time with your family around the fireplace. Or perhaps you want to finally get rid of that silly tattoo that you got in college, and finally see an end to family jokes at your expense. Laser tattoo removal is fast, and you will feel so much better having that eyesore removed before you go to face family and friends.

Laser tattoo removal is done by using a high-intensity beam of light that breaks down the pigments in the tattoo. Black is the easiest color to treat because it absorbs most of the light wavelengths from the laser. Our PicoSure® laser gets rid of all the colors in your tattoo, including those difficult greens and blues, and it works on all skin types.

4. Get a Tummy Tuck Before the Holidays

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A good tummy tuck will contour your abdomen, accentuate your waist, and flatten your abdomen.  Most patients recover from a tummy tuck in two months, so having a tummy tuck in October could be just the right time to have your dream body in time for festivities.

When you have a tummy tuck consultation with Dr. Peter Grossman, he will help you determine the best type of tummy tuck based on your body’s condition and your beauty goals. The right tummy tuck for you will likely be one of these options:

  • Full tummy tuck
  • Mini tummy tuck
  • Fluer-de-Lis tummy tuck
  • Extended tummy tuck

For the first week after the surgery, you will need to rest, avoid household chores, or heavy lifting, and have a friend or family member on hand to help you with meals, medication, and anything else you might need. Then, before you know it, you will be ready to travel for the holidays as a more beautiful version of your true self.

Call Grossman Medical for Cosmetic Procedure Options for the Holidays

Not sure what kind of cosmetic procedures you need to look your best for the later holidays and New Year’s? Call today and we will schedule you for a consultation in which the doctor will listen to your desires and beauty goals and present you with some options to help you rediscover a younger, healthier, happier version of yourself.

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