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5 Tips to Stop Sweating This Summer

Nearly everyone breaks a sweat when hot summer temperatures arrive, but for those with hyperhidrosis, an excessive sweating disorder, summer can mean a time of high anxiety. There are many options that can reduce sweating, including the hyperhidrosis treatment Morpheus8, and we reveal how each works to reduce sweating.

1. Antiperspirant

Antiperspirants allow for sweat to be reduced by preventing sweat from reaching the skin’s surface. They accomplish this by expanding in the presence of moisture. When antiperspirant is applied and comes into contact with the sweat produced by sweat glands, they expand, which blocks the sweat ducts and prevents sweat from reaching the surface.

2. Shaving

Although it may sound contrary, shaving your armpits can reduce sweating. More specifically, shaving reduces the amount of sweat that reaches your skin’s surface and, ultimately, your clothing. Hair holds moisture, so the fewer hairs there are, the less surface area there will be available for moisture retention.

3. Fabrics

Some fabrics allow air to reach the skin, while others don’t. 100% cotton, for example, is a very breathable fabric, as is linen. Wool is another breathable fabric. What is the common thread that ties these fabrics together (pardon the pun)? They are all-natural. Manufactured fabrics like polyester and rayon may be effective at wicking away moisture, but they can retain odor even after washing.

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4. Foods

If you sweat when eating spicy food, you may have gustatory sweating. This condition is common and, if it’s making you avoid going out to eat with friends, there’s something you can do: Avoid the foods that cause you to sweat until wintertime when you need a bit of a warm-up.

5. Morpheus8

Although you may never have thought that cosmetic procedures could be a solution to excessive sweat production, the good news is that they can drastically reduce the amount of sweat produced. It’s a procedure that can not only be completed in a single session but which can reduce sweating almost immediately.

Morpheus8 is a device that delivers a combination of radio-frequency energy and microneedling directly to the sweat glands. Microneedles cause damage to deeper layers of the skin, and then the RF energy is delivered directly to these areas, instantly deactivating the sweat glands, preventing future sweat production in these areas.

The great thing about this type of treatment is that it is virtually non-invasive; unlike hyperhidrosis surgery, Morpheus8 can be completed in a single session, and the effects from the treatment are minimal; you may experience tingling, redness, and swelling, but these typically disappear between one and three days after treatment.

Learn More About Morpheus8 for Hyperhidrosis

Morpheus8 has helped many to experience relief from the anxiety and embarrassment of excessive sweating. If you want more information about the benefits of this amazing procedure, call Dr. Peter H. Grossman. With over 20 years of performing reconstructive surgery, Dr. Grossman is a board-certified plastic surgeon who offers efficient and high-quality treatment for hyperhidrosis. Book your consultation today. Call Grossman Plastic Surgery at (818) 981-2050.

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