6 Reasons for Getting Breast Reduction Surgery

When it comes to cosmetic breast procedures, augmentation is the number one sought-after procedure in the US by women who seek to increase the shape of their breasts and improve the shape and symmetry. However, one of the best investment’s a woman with larger-sized breasts can make that can improve her quality of life in multiple areas is to book breast reduction surgery from the best plastic surgeon in Los Angeles in order to improve her lifestyle and overall health. 

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Having large breasts can cause a plethora of challenges. In many cases, large breasts create cosmetic issues, and for other women they can lead to physical problems. In several cases, women with D cups or larger will face both problems. When you book a breast reduction consultation at Grossman Medical, the physician will be able to give you an examination, listen to your goals and problems, and recommend the best possible course of action to take your breasts down to a size that will be beneficial for your physical and mental health, and that will look physically beautiful while matching your body’s frame.

If you are considering breast reduction surgery, your first move should be to book a consultation so you can make an educated decision, with your doctor, that makes sense based on your needs. In the meantime, here are the top six reasons why women seek breast reduction surgery.

1. Breast Reduction Surgery Can Offer Better Mobility

As most active women with large breasts know, having “busty proportions” can pose several mobility challenges. For starters, running and jogging can be extremely uncomfortable for large-breasted women. In fact, researchers in the fitness space discovered that women with large breasts are less likely to participate in physical activity such as bootcamps, group classes at the local gym, or jogging by more than 80%, and they are even less likely to get a gym membership. Even a sports bra that offers a great degree of support can’t fully stop the “flopping” that occurs when performing repetitive movements or when running, this can cause severe discomfort for the chest and back. By having breast reduction surgery, women can have better mobility and conduct a full, active life.

2. You Experience Less Body Pain After Breast Reduction Surgery

As mentioned, having larger breasts can cause the back and other parts of the body to hurt. It goes without saying that back, neck and shoulder pain can result due to multiple reasons, but large, heavy breasts cause women a great degree of discomfort since their center of gravity places tension on multiple muscle groups. When women with painful symptoms caused by a heavy bosom get breast reduction surgery, many see their pain levels significantly decrease, if not vanish completely. 

3. Breast Reduction Surgery Can Give Women Better Proportion

Many women have beauty goals to look more proportioned and balanced, and having large breasts can get in the way of this goal. The best breast augmentation surgeons, like Dr. Peter Grossman, will sometimes perform breast reduction surgery as a way to help women achieve a perfectly balanced and proportioned pair of breasts. 

4. After Breast Reduction Surgery, You Will Have More Clothing Options

If you have large breasts, you are likely all too familiar with the challenges in finding clothing that fits properly. It is common for large-breasted women to try on tops that create gaps between the buttons, trying dresses and fit perfectly at the hips, waist, and abdomen, but that are too tight in the chest. Then trying to find a bathing suit that fits and that offers the right support can be next to impossible unless you have swimwear custom made. Women in this circumstance have very limited wardrobe options, so they seek break reduction surgery to make life easier. 

5. Women Seek Breast Reduction Surgery to Improve their Self Image

While having large breasts may be an attribute that many others find appealing, so many women have self-esteem problems that are heightened by their large breasts. In some cases, women feel that their looks get in the way of people taking them seriously, or they may feel like having large breasts takes focus away from their character’s best attributes. Then there are women who simply feel their body’s proportions are off, and their large breasts make them look “cartoonish”, or they feel they don’t have a look that will enable them to measure up to the same class their colleagues are in, in which they are taken seriously for their work performance. Breast reduction surgery can help women feel more confident, and even improve overall psychological health in some patients.

breast reduction surgery to improve self image

6. Some Women Get Breast Reduction Surgery to Improve their Career

Unfortunately, women with large breasts are often judges, and this judgmental attitude extends to the boardroom and with clients. Unfortunately, many men who see women with large breasts view them as having that “porn star” look, and as a result brilliant and qualified women are overlooked for career advancements, promotions, and other benefits that can help them further their careers. As a result, many high-powered women, and those eager to advance their careers will get breast reduction surgery to have a natural, beautiful look in a body that won’t consume the spotlight when it comes to looking at stand-out features that make one attractive from a professional standpoint within the workplace.

Book a Breast Reduction Procedure Consultation with Dr. Grossman Today!

There is no need to move through life in a state of awkwardness while dealing with stares, physical pain, lifestyle limitations, and other life obstacles that are completely unnecessary. You may be an ideal candidate for breast reduction surgery with the goal to improve your life and health. Call now for a consultation, and begin the next chapter in your amazing life that begins with the new, more authentic version of your true self.

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