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Butt Liposuction: An Introduction to the Procedure

From Jessica Biel to Beyonce, and from Niki Minaj to Ashley Graham, there are several celebrities known for having the perfect butts, and, naturally, many of us look at their curves when we envision what our own bodies can look like with the right cosmetic surgery, and this is where butt liposuction can play a significant role in getting a darier worthy of the red carpet.

Butt liposuction is liposuction of the buttocks–a body contouring procedure that sculpts a more beautiful backside by removing fat. Butt liposuction also addresses various areas located near one’s backside. For decades, Dr. Peter Grossman has established a reputation for offering the best butt liposuction in Los Angeles, and has patients coming to him from all over the country due to his expertise and the stunning results he creates for his patients.

How Long Does Butt Liposuction Surgery Last?

The time it takes to perform liposuction is predicated on the size of the target area. That said, while the neck usually takes less than 30 minutes, butt liposuction usually takes around one to two hours. During butt liposuction surgery, patients are under anesthesia and won’t feel a thing or have any sense of time.

Is Butt Liposuction Right for Me?

If you have tried diet and exercise, but that stubborn fat remains on your buttocks (or you just don’t have the time to invest), and your goal is to have an A-list backside, then butt liposuction is likely right for you. However, if you have a flat backside and desire a full, curvy yet fit bottom, then a Brazilian butt lift may be more appropriate. The best way to learn if a butt liposuction is right for you is to have a consultation with Dr. Peter Grossman. He will go over your body goals with you, conduct a full examination, review your medical history, and present you with the best options going forward.

Is Butt Liposuction Painful?

The butt liposuction procedure itself is not painful, as you will be under anesthetic. Pain levels during the butt liposuction recovery process will vary from person to person. Most people describe the pain during the recovery process as feeling like a giant bruise, so compared to other procedures the pain in recovery time is considered minimal by many. You will be more likely to have a graceful recovery time with no pain if you follow your discharge and care instructions, and if you take the medication prescribed by Dr. Grossman for pain management.

What Parts of the Body can Butt Liposuction Include?

Most patients who undergo butt liposuction almost always never stick solely to the buttocks as the only target area. Rather, people come to Grossman Medical looking to improve their appearance, and often achieving their goal means performing liposuction on some of the areas surrounding the butt. These areas can include the thighs or posterior thighs, the inner thighs, external thighs, lateral thighs, flanks, back of the thighs, and the hips. When it comes to molding the perfect backside, only framing the butt is the right way to create that perfect look. Dr. Grossman will create bodily harmony by creating a beautiful transition between these areas:

● Hips
● Flanks
● Buttocks
● Anterior
● Posterior
● Outer upper legs

It is critical to work with a plastic surgeon specializing in butt liposuction who has advanced medical knowledge, as well as an artist’s eye, when it comes to recognizing how each part of the body interacts and creates the overall look of physical beauty. This is why women from all over Los Angeles, as well as the US, come to Grossman Medical to get the perfect feminine shape of their dreams.

How to Choose the Best Butt Liposuction Surgeon?

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You will want to take your time to do the proper research when looking for the best butt liposuction surgeon. Here are some of the things you should demand from your plastic surgeon:

Years of Experience – How long has the surgeon been performing butt liposuction? Any physician with more than a decade of experience is a testimony to his skills and compliance within the standards set forth.

Patient Testimonials – Be sure to look at the reviews left by his previous and current patients. This will be very telling and give you an idea for his skills, as well as his bedside manner.

Certifications – Make sure your surgeon is board certified to perform butt liposuction and other cosmetic procedures in the state of California.

Personality – Undergoing cosmetic surgery is a personal experience for most people, so you will want a plastic surgeon who can empathize with you, and who truly understands where you are coming from, as well as where you want to go. Having a plastic surgeon with a personality that meshes with your own, and who can truly understand you, will make the entire experience all the better.

Before and After Portfolio – Ask to see before and after work on the patients who are getting the same procedure you are undergoing. This way you can see, first hand, how skilled your plastic surgeon is.

Facilities and Staff – Does your plastic surgeon perform butt liposuction in a state-of-the-art surgical studio, and in a space that is clean, tranquil, and calming? How friendly are the staff; do they go out of their way to make every patient feel relaxed and comfortable? Having butt liposuction in a space that you are comfortable with, while caring helpful people assist and help you through the process will make the experience even better.

Grossman Medical is known as the best plastic surgery center in Los Angeles County for all of the above reasons. Every attention to detail has been made to serve patients, and every patient gets the level of white glove service that should come naturally when embarking on an exciting new life chapter to living the best version of your true self.

Call Grossman Medical for a Butt Liposuction Consultation Today

Butt liposuction could be your golden ticket to getting that dream body you have always wanted, but that diet and exercise couldn’t give you. Call Grossman Medical today for a consultation and discover if this is the right procedure to help you achieve those feminine curves and backside you have always envisioned having.

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