Breast augmentation surgery recovery

Breast Augmentation Surgery Recovery Tips for Fit, Active Women

Some of our patients who come to Grossman Medical for breast augmentation surgery have their own personal motivation triggers for seeking this procedure. However, many of them share a few common characteristics: they are fit and are committed to living a healthy lifestyle with the right diet and exercise program. Often, breast augmentation is a finishing touch for women who were once overweight but tried a diet and exercise program that actually worked for them. The problem is the breasts remained sagging and oddly proportioned. Many patients feel they have worked hard to achieve a body that is hard to sculpt through diet and exercise alone, but when they do achieve this, they aren’t fully excited about their results because the breasts need work, yet they are concerned about how their recovery from breast augmentation will look from the standpoint of how it will affect their fitness and commitment to exercise.

You can Remain Fit After Breast Augmentation Surgery 

If you are like a lot of women, then you may be wondering if you will be able to work out after your breast augmentation surgery. There are a number of steps that you can take to ensure that your breast augmentation surgery does not have a negative impact on your fitness goals. First of all, know that as your body recovers from the breast augmentation procedure, you will burn more calories at a resting rate than you normally would otherwise. 

This article consists of a “suggested timeline” to help manage your exercise regimen after surgery, along with various precautions to take into account during your recovery time. Just remember that only your doctor can give you an accurate timeline relevant to your own recovery. 

The “Dos” and “Don’ts” of Breast Augmentation Recovery

After you undergo breast augmentation surgery, your body may be sending you two conflicting messages: (1) to rest and recover from the procedure, and (2) to get active and keep the workout routine alive. First of all, your discharge instructions for recovery will be the foundation of your fitness routine during recovery. Each patient will have a slightly different recovery process based on their age, existing fitness, their body type, the type of incision used, breast implant type, implant placement, and many other factors. Be sure to share your concerns with your plastic surgeon, and he can give you the best direction on how to stay safely active during recovery time. 


Can I Gain Weight During Breast Augmentation Recovery?

Take A Glimpse at a General Timeline for Breast Augmentation Recovery Activity

This is a glimpse of what a standard timeline looks like for a healthy woman who is wanting to stay as active as possible after her breast augmentation procedure. Be sure to consult with Dr. Grossman to get your accurate recovery timeline.

  • First 48 Hours – Plan on taking short walks around your house, but avoid bending over or picking anything up that weighs more than five pounds.
  • Day Three / Four – You may be able to take a walk through your neighborhood.
  • Week One – By now your incisions should be closed and any discomfort should be minimal. At this point, many women can start going for long walks, and walks that are brisker to get the heart rate up. You should also be able to do some minor stretching but don’t push the limits your body places on you, especially when moving your upper body areas. 
  • Day 10 – If your surgeon approves, you should be able to resume normal cardio exercises for the lower body such as stair climbing, running, or cycling. You should also be able to stick to low-impact activities. Just avoid any activities that involve using the pectoral muscles such as fly presses, bench pressing and playing tennis.
  • Week Three / Four – Now you should be able to start building up an elevated level of cardio activity, just always continue to listen to your body and to your plastic surgeon. You don’t want to put too much pressure on your new breast implants or cause any trauma to the muscles around the breasts. You should be able to start doing abdominal exercises, so long as you aren’t activating the pectorals and other chest muscles. After week four your surgeon may tell you to ease back into your normal routine while listening to your body and bring weight lifting back in at a slow rate. 

Can I Gain Weight During Breast Augmentation Recovery?

If anyone overeats while not being active, they will likely gain weight, so as long as you follow your surgeon’s instructions, there is no reason why you can’t make a full recovery from breast augmentation surgery without gaining a single pound. 

Be sure to eat a healthy diet at recommended times to boost your metabolism. So long as your surgeon approves of using metabolism boosters, these could also be options. Start out with short walks around your home, and slowly increase activity over the next few weeks while getting lots of rest as you follow a healthy diet, and you should be able to keep the pounds off while recovering. 

Call Grossman Medical for a Breast Augmentation Consultation and Fitness Plan for your recovery

Dr. Peter Grossman has performed thousands of breast surgeries and is one of the most sought after plastic surgeons in California. Women book their breast augmentation procedures with Dr. Grossman because he has advanced medical knowledge coupled with an artist’s eye used for sculpting natural-looking, exotic bodies that women love. In addition, Dr. Grossman understands his patient’s individual journey because he takes the time to listen and treats each patient with a caring approach. Call today and get ready to make the best investment in yourself for the year 2023! 

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