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Can Facelift Surgery Really Make You Look Younger?

If you are at a stage in your life where you are considering a facelift, then there are likely some problem areas you wish to address such as facial wrinkles, jowling, sagging skin, or bags under your eyes. With the primary goal of the facelift, to look and feel younger. At Grossman Medical, when patients book a facelift procedure with the best plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, they are thrilled to look in the mirror after their recovery period and see a much younger version of themselves that’s more in line with how they feel internally. Even though the goal of a facelift is to look younger, does the procedure accomplish this? This article is intended to give patients considering a facelift realistic expectations and prepare them to have a consultation with Dr. Peter Grossman, the best facelift surgeon in Los Angeles.

How does a Facelift Eliminate Wrinkles to Give Patients a Younger Look?

A facelift will give patients a more youthful look, but it doesn’t completely remove all wrinkles. It will make them significantly less noticeable, however there are treatments done with a facelift which we will share later this article. During a facelift your skin is tightened and tissues below the skin are surgically altered to fade wrinkles and give the face a more youthful shape. You should discuss your expectations with your facelift surgeon to ensure they can be achieved. The best plastic surgeons in Los Angeles, like Dr. Peter Grossman, will be able to evaluate your face, note your goals, and go over realistic expectations while possibly suggesting additional procedures to help you fully achieve your goals.

A Facelift can Make You Look Younger by Eliminating Jowling

When people are dealing with moderate to severe jowling, a facelift can be an ideal solution. As a facelift lifts and tightens sagging facial tissue, this plastic surgery procedure can give one a more defined jawline by eliminating sagging skin thus giving the person a more youthful look. Nearly every man and woman will, at some point in their life, deal with jowls which naturally develop as we age, and the skin loses elasticity and collagen. Other factors like smoking, excessive exposure to the sun’s UV rays, genetics, a poor diet and stress can also contribute to developing jowls. Thankfully, people who book a facelift procedure with Dr. Peter Grossman are delighted with the results and the youthful glow their face has with the elimination of jowls.

A Facelift Surgeon Will Often Perform Other Surgical Procedures at the Same Time to Help Patients Achieve their Goals

In many cases, facelifts are performed with other surgical procedures. If the patient’s goal is to take 10 years off their face, then a stand-alone facelift may not be enough, based on the condition of their skin and tissue. For example, if people have a sagging face, but their eyelids are also sagging, then a blepharoplasty would be necessary to correct that problem. If the neck has excessive skin, a specific type of neck lift may be required. If the person has age spots, a facelift won’t remove those. Laser treatments would be required. As you can see, based on the condition of one’s face, a person might need multiple procedures to truly achieve the youthful look they see for themselves in the back of their mind, and a skilled plastic surgeon will know exactly how to make that dream a reality.

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How Long Will a Facelift Keep Me Looking Younger?

When you have a consultation with Dr. Peter Grossman, he will be able to examine your face and give you a more realistic expectation on how long a facelift will last for you, and what follow-up treatments will look like. However, in general, most facelifts last for 10 years. If you follow your doctor’s instructions the facelift will have a better chance of lasting longer. For example, you will want to reduce the exposure your face has been getting to the sun, and you will likely be told to avoid certain types of cosmetics. Just remember that people continue to naturally age, so even after you have had a facelift, in time, your face will start to sag again. However, the sagging won’t be as bad as it would be had you not had a facelift to begin with, and you can book follow-up work to keep your face looking youthful for decades to come.

Call Grossman Medical for a Facelift Consultation

Now is the time to begin your journey to recapturing that youthful glow you once had. When you sit down with Dr. Grossman, he will go over your medical history, understand your beauty goals and expectations, and present you with a facelift approach customized to help you hit your beauty goals. Call today and begin the exciting journey to finding your own personal fountain of youth.

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