What To Know About Morpheus8 at Grossman Medical Plastic Surgery

As men and women age, our bodies produce less collagen and new tissue which results in decreased skin elasticity. This means you will see wrinkles appear. There are several signs that point to the weakening of tissue layers. These include:

  • Sagging skin
  • Uneven skin texture
  • Scarring
  • Wrinkles
  • Fine lines

In some cases, a full cosmetic surgical procedure may be required for some people to hit their beauty goals. But, the best Beverly Hills Morpheus8 treatments for facial rejuvenation can be an ideal option for many people who can obtain their desired look with a non-surgical solution. As Morpheus8 encourages cell regeneration at every layer of the skin, even treatments are administered, and people can take 20+ years off their appearance.

Grossman Medical and Morpheus8 in Beverly Hills

It’s safe to say that the Beverly Hills community has set the gold standard for beauty, and for innovative cosmetic procedures. Located in West Hills, Grossman Medical is the go-to cosmetic surgery center for Beverly Hills residents seeking Morpheus8 treatments. Dr. Peter Grossman has deep ties with Beverly Hills and is regarded as the most experienced cosmetic surgeon offering Morpheus8, and this is why people make the short drive from Beverly Hills to get Morpheus8 treatments at Grossman Medical.

Morpheus8 Is Ideal for Those Who Have Tried Failing Options for Skin Rejuvenation

Whether you have invested thousands of dollars each year on high-end, expensive skin creams, or you have tried traditional microneedling but the results didn’t meet your expectations, then Morpheus8 could be your best option and finally give you the desired look you have been pining after. If you desire a better complexion with smoother, tighter-looking skin, then now is the time to consider Morpheus8 treatments at Grossman Medical. More than 90% of our patients notice an improvement after their first treatment, so if you are tired of wasting time and money investing in various skin rejuvenation products and procedures, Morpheus8 will likely be that winning approach.

How Can I Tell If Morpheus8 Is Right For Me?

Ultimately, knowing definitively if Morpheus8 is right for you will require a consultation with Dr. Grossman. During a Morpheus8 consultation, Dr. Grossman will examine your skin’s condition, review your medical history, and truly get to understand you, your expectations, and your beauty goals. Then, he will be able to potentially either recommend Morpheus8 as the best solution to help you have younger-looking, healthier skin, or he may recommend another approach. Regardless, you will learn what your best option will be.

Morpheus8 is Ideal For People Requiring more Collagen Production

Collagen is the foundation for gorgeous, younger-looking skin; it exists as protein molecules that are critical for the structural support of one’s skin. In fact, collagen is responsible for 30 percent of your body’s total protein makeup, so as you can see, it is important to preserve the body. When we age, our collagen production slows down. This means that many older people have to approach collagen production in a different way, and so long as the procedure is recommended in a consultation, Morpheus8 may be your best option for improving collagen production and the condition of your skin.

Morpheus8 is regarded as a minimally invasive procedure that combines radiofrequency with very fine needles to penetrate deep into the skin tissue to stimulate collagen production. These tiny sterilized needles create micro-injuries on the targeted portion of the skin, and the body produces collagen as a way to combat these miniscule wounds. As the little needles penetrate the skin, heat is emitted from the radiofrequency waves that enter deep layers to tighten the underlying fat beneath the skin.

Is Morpheus8 at Grossman Medical Painful?

When you hear that heat and needles are involved in Morpheus8 treatments, you may associate anticipated pain. However, our patients have yet to report Morpheus8 as a painful experience. Here are the primary reasons why none of our patients have reported any pain with this procedure:

  • We Use the Best Numbing Agent – At Grossman Medical all Morpheus8 treatments begin with a pleasant numbing topical agent to dull the sensation.
  • Tiny Needles – These needles are extremely tiny and the most anyone has ever reported was mild discomfort.
  • Expert Skill – Grossman Medical is a leading Morpheus8 specialist, and with our exceptional skills and equipment in administering this treatment, our patients remain as comfortable as possible.
  • Heat Source – Due to the fact that the heat source is minimal and derives from radio frequencies, there is no risk of burn and the heat doesn’t create a painful experience at all.

With this numbing agent, and because we are experts in this treatment and the needles are so tiny and the heat derives from radio frequencies, pain has never been reported at Grossman Medical. Most people don’t report any unpleasant sensations at the time of the procedure. In a few cases, patients will simply report mild discomfort.

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What if you don’t need to go under the knife to take 20 years off your appearance? Call Grossman Medical today to see if Morpheus8 is your best solution to skin rejuvenation. Our friendly team is standing by to answer your questions and to book a consultation with Dr. Peter Grossman so that you can finally discover the best approach, customized to your unique profile, that will have you looking and feeling more vibrant and younger. Call today!


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