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Five Reasons Why a Rhinoplasty is More Than a Nose Job

While nose jobs have long been associated with getting a cute button nose or a thinner, more streamlined look, rhinoplasty can be far more than just a quest for the perfect nose. This procedure helps repair injuries, rectify breathing problems, and address irregularities, emphasizing a more functional and corrective approach.

Here at Grossman Plastic Surgery, our patients come to us for help with a number of different issues that involve their noses. And we can help with most of them. Dr. Peter H. Grossman, who heads up our rhinoplasty services, has extensive experience giving the people the right nose for the job.

To explore how a rhinoplasty is more than just a nose job, here are five reasons that go beyond a great selfie.

1. Breathing right

One of the more common reasons why people undergo a rhinoplasty is to enable better breathing, starting with your septum. This piece of cartilage runs down the length of your nose, dividing it into two separate nasal airways. If your septum deviates to one side, it can cause an obstruction, which interferes with your breathing, especially at night. A deviated septum is one of the most common culprits behind snoring, making the problem not just yours, but everyone else’s around you.

During your functional rhinoplasty, Dr. Grossman corrects this deviation, ensuring that both of your passageways take in equal amounts of air without obstruction.

2. Correcting a birth defect

Every year in the United States, approximately 4,440 children are born with a cleft lip (some with a cleft palate, as well) and 2,650 babies are born with a cleft palate. This birth defect is usually addressed while they’re still babies, but as their noses develop, they may still encounter residual problems. In these cases, we can go in and make the necessary cosmetic and functional corrections once the nose is fully developed, usually in their mid-to-late teens.

3. Rebuild and repair

Your nose’s position in the center of your face, as well as how far out it protrudes, means that it’s susceptible to injury. Broken noses are extremely common in sporting injuries, car accidents, or simply tripping and falling. While broken noses do heal on their own, some don’t heal correctly, which leads to breathing problems and sinus issues. With a rhinoplasty, we can go in and free up your nasal airways and reshape your nose to make sure it functions as it did before the break.

4. Collateral damage

In far less common cases, your nose may be damaged by diseases such as cancer, disfiguring accidents, or surgeries that use your nose as an access point to other areas. If your nose becomes collateral damage of another problem, a rhinoplasty offers the best solution for restoring it to its more natural appearance.

5. The nose job as a face job

While nose jobs typically tackle small cosmetic issues, such as turning the tip up or down, reducing the size of the nostrils, or smoothing out bumps, major nose renovations go far beyond the nose. Some of our patients are simply tired of their noses garnering all of the attention, and given its prominent position on their faces, a major renovation can have a widespread effect on their appearance.

If you’re dealing with a functional nose, but one that’s detracting from your other features, a rhinoplasty offers you the chance to shine the spotlight on your entire face. Bringing your other facial features out from under the shadow of your nose has a way of changing your entire look, making a rhinoplasty far more than just a small nose job.

If you’d like to explore the many reasons why a rhinoplasty is far more than a nose job, please call our office in West Hills, California, or use the online scheduling tool on this website to book an appointment.

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