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5 Things Every Woman Should Know About Breast Reduction Surgery

Women who have plastic surgery do so because they want to look and feel better; they want to feel more confident about their appearance, feel better physically, and improve their overall look. While most of us think of women going up in cup size whenever breast augmentation surgery is mentioned, the fact of the matter is that having large breasts is a very common problem faced by many women. Overly large breasts can pose problems for women who enjoy an active lifestyle; jogging, playing tennis, hiking, and even going for leisurely walks can cause discomfort and even pain to the breasts, shoulders, and back. When you work with the best surgeon offering breast reduction surgery, you will have a much better quality of life with greater freedom to do the things you love, and you will enjoy a life that’s much more physically comfortable. When you have breast reduction surgery you will likely have tissue removed from the breasts making them less heavy and voluminous. But you probably already know this. Here are five other things many women don’t know about breast reduction surgery until they have had their consultation with their surgeon.

1. Breast Reduction Surgery can be Combined with a Breast Lift

When you find the best breast augmentation surgeon in Los Angeles, he will be able to perform a breast lift along with the reduction in size. Although breast reduction surgery is ideal for women with breasts that are sagging or heavy, the goal of this surgery is not to reposition or raise up the breasts or the surrounding tissue. If you and your plastic surgeon agree that you would better achieve your beauty goals by making your breasts perkier and repositioning them while simultaneously making them smaller in size, then you are likely an ideal candidate for having both a breast lift procedure and breast reduction surgery performed at the same time.

2. For a Breast Reduction Procedure, You Need to Think Past the Cup Size

At the end of the day, cup size is subjective. Afterall, you have probably discovered that various bra brands of the same cup size fit you differently. Furthermore, “cup size” can have a conflicting meaning from one woman to another. For example, you and a friend may both be a 34C in bra size, yet your breasts look completely different from hers in terms of volume. The important thing to look at is how your breasts look in relation to your body’s frame and height, and this will dictate your surgeon’s recommendation on what size to go down in your breast reduction surgery.

3. In Your Breast Reduction Consultation, Check to See if Your Insurance will Cover the Procedure

Usually, health insurance policies do not cover the cost of surgical cosmetic procedures. However, if you are getting breast reduction surgery for medical reasons, your policy could cover a portion of the procedure, or in some cases all of it. If a woman has ongoing back and shoulder pain, or neck pain, the cause could be linked to heavy breasts that are too large for her frame. In some cases, women with large sagging breasts can suffer from dermatitis or skin irritations. In most cases, insurance companies will cover breast reduction surgery as a last resort, just as they do with weight loss surgeries. In other words, you will likely need to show proof that other treatments didn’t work, whether this means a series of physical therapy treatments, or going to see a dermatologist. Just as insurance companies will usually ask people seeking weight loss surgery to first try a diet and exercise, you will probably need to try alternative approaches before your insurance company will be willing to cover breast reduction surgery. Your surgeon will help you navigate these obstacles if they are an issue.

4. After Breast Reduction Surgery, you can Have Future Breast Augmentation Procedures

While many women love their new breasts after having a surgery to reduce the size and the desired results last a lifetime, other women’s goals may change over time and the need to go big again may come up, or as they age and experience some sagging, they may want to go up a size and have a breast lift procedure. Just be aware that you always have the freedom to change the shape and size of your breasts through future surgical procedures. In other words, if your beauty goals ever change in time and you desire something different from what you had previously wanted (whether you want them your breasts enlarged, or you want to go even smaller), you will be able to have additional procedures to ensure you are always looking and feeling your very best.

5. Your Breast Reduction Surgery Results Will be Worth the Wait and Recovery Time

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When you come off the anesthesia and glance down at your chest, you won’t have the beautiful perfect breasts you imagined right away. You need to have realistic expectations when it comes to the time needed to heal from the procedure and fully recover. Many women will experience swelling of the breasts for a few days after the surgery. You will also probably be asked to wear a special support garment for a few weeks after the surgery. There will also be a period of time where you will be instructed not to lift anything or engage in any physical activities and having someone home with you to do basic chores will be necessary. During all of this, your breasts will continue to change size, so going in for routine checkup is critical so that your surgeon can ensure everything is headed in the right direction. He will then be able to give you an ETA with the healing time, and when you can be ready to go lingerie and bikini shopping.

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Dr. Peter Grossman is a world-famous breast surgeon; patients come to him from all over the world to benefit from his years of experience and exceptional results. Dr. Grossman is a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in breast surgeries right here in Los Angeles. If you are considering going down in breast size, contact Grossman Medical to book a consultation today, and begin that new chapter in your life to living a healthier and happier version of you.

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