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How Morpheus8 Can Be Beneficial to Your Face and Body

Over time, natural aging and sun exposure can lead to unwelcome changes in the skin, such as dullness, discoloration, and loss of elasticity. Previously, these concerns were only able to be addressed with costly methods and a long recovery. Today, a relatively new procedure called Morpheus8 is producing results and shortening recovery in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional procedures.

What Is Morpheus8?

Morpheus8 is a method of skin rejuvenation that combines radiofrequency energy and microneedling in a single device. The 24 microneedles of the Morpheus8 are finer than their traditional counterparts, allowing them to reach more deeply into the skin. The increased depth of the Morpheus8 is important. The deeper into the skin microneedles can go, the more collagen production is able to be stimulated.

As the microneedles enter the skin, they cause microscopic injury to tissue. At the same time, radio frequencies travel through the microneedles to deliver heat to these damaged skin cells. This heat causes molecules located in deeper skin layers to rotate. This movement creates heat within skin tissue, which results in collagen production being hyper-accelerated.

The Benefits of the Morpheus8 Procedure

The Morpheus8 treatment offers a wide range of important benefits:

Skin Benefits

Morpheus8 can improve firmness and correct sun damage. It can also minimize the appearance of deep wrinkles and fine lines, as well as smooth the texture of uneven skin. Areas where dark spots appear can be completely erased, and pore size can be decreased.

Those who have undergone this procedure have reported a brighter skin tone, the correction of sun damage, and the improved look of acne and surgical scars. Additionally, the Morpheus8 device can be used safely for results on all complexions and skin types.

Morpheus8 Results and Recovery Time

The results of this 30- to 60-minute procedure can be noticeable in as little as a few days after the first treatment. However, the development of collagen occurs over time, so other results such as tightening of the skin may not be apparent for several weeks. Treatment with the Morpheus8 procedure will need to be repeated once yearly in order to ensure the accelerated production of collagen.

Recovery time is minimal, with between one and three days being typical. In that time, you may notice pinhole-sized marks from the microneedles, swelling, and skin itchiness. However, these will usually fade within two weeks. Sun exposure will need to be avoided for the first few weeks to avoid uneven pigmentation. Sunscreen should be used if venturing out.

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