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How SculpSure Boosts Body Confidence

Most adults can’t wait to put on a bathing suit for that upcoming beach vacation or the first pool party of the season. If that statement were true, everyone would be happy with their body, as if all that time and effort toning and sculpting actually paid off.

But sometimes, no matter how much you target-tone a trouble spot, like your belly or your inner thighs, you just don’t get the beachbody results you desire. That’s when SculpSure® comes in. Dr. Peter Grossman, of Grossman Plastic Surgery, offers this noninvasive, fat-reducing treatment at his practice in West Hills, Los Angeles, for men and women who want a nonsurgical solution to a slimmer silhouette.

SculpSure can help you achieve your body-contouring goals so you can feel good about yourself in a bathing suit or any other ensemble. Before you throw in the beach towel on your self-assurance, take a few minutes to learn how SculpSure works to boost body confidence.

The science of SculpSure fat-removal treatments

It’s not just another fad. The SculpSure system was the first of its kind to be FDA-cleared to reduce fat in those hard-to-tone areas, including your:

  • Abdomen
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Flanks (love handles)
  • Back
  • Double chin

This patented system from CynoSure®, leaders in the laser aesthetics industry, uses laser energy to target fat cells below the surface of your skin. The laser heats the fat cells to a certain temperature, while leaving the surface of your skin and surrounding tissue unharmed. When fat cells heat up, they become damaged, and your body eliminates them through the natural processes of your lymphatic system.

This doesn’t happen instantly, because it takes time for the fat cells to break down and be flushed out of your system, but the results are long-lasting. Once fat cells are destroyed, they no longer regenerate in the same place.

This means that about six weeks after your SculpSure treatment, you’ll notice a difference in the treated areas. At 12 weeks, you’ll see optimal results. For a more dramatic body-contouring appearance, and depending on your specific goals, you may want more than one treatment.

SculpSure is totally tolerable.

Unlike exhausting workouts and loads of repetitions to trim and tone an area of fat that refuses to budge, SculpSure is a totally tolerable procedure. You lie comfortably in the treatment room while the SculpSure applicators target fat cells for you in a mere 25 minutes per area.

You’ll experience intermittent sensations of heat and cooling, as the system keeps the surface of your skin at a comfortable temperature. It’s easily tolerated and over almost as quickly as it begins.

Even more tolerable is the fact that there’s no downtime after a SculpSure session. You can resume your daily activities without further interruption. Go back to work, out to lunch, or whatever is next on your schedule.

SculpSure trims the fat and boosts your confidence.

Even when the rest of your body is in good shape, and you’re close to your ideal weight, it’s only natural to focus on that one troublesome area each time you look in the mirror. If it’s your thighs, your eye goes immediately to them. If it’s your love handles, that’s all you see.

In a way, SculpSure does the same thing. The treatment hones in on that annoying area and blasts it away, ever-so-gently. As a result, you finally get the body-sculpting results you’ve been working so hard to achieve, with up to 24% fat reduction per SculpSure session.

This, literal trimming of the fat, boosts your body confidence, so you feel good about yourself from every angle.

Ready to give SculpSure a try? Dr. Grossman can customize your treatments, so you can get the results you desire. Call the office today to schedule a consultation or book online.

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