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How To Tell If Morpheus8 Is A Better Solution Than A Surgical Facelift

There’s an old saying: “if you look like a million bucks, you will feel like a million bucks”. Unfortunately, diet, exercise, and expensive beauty products don’t always give us the look we need to look and feel better about ourselves, especially in matters concerning one’s face. Naturally, when people consider making aesthetic improvements to their face, a face lift is generally the first procedure that comes to mind. However, in many cases, there are other options that are less invasive. The best plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills and West Hills offer Morpheus8 and facelift surgeries as an option, but knowing which is likely the best solution to help you reach your beauty goals will enable you to be better prepared for your consultation.

Morpheus8 Is Not a Substitute for a Facelift

Unfortunately, many plastic surgeons advertise Morpheus8 as a “non-surgical substitute for a facelift surgery”. However, the truth is that Morpheus8 is not a substitute for this surgery. Instead, it is a potential solution for people seeking aesthetic improvements to the face, neck, and other parts of the body that can be corrected without a lift, though realize a facelift can correct problems that Morpheus8 cannot.

When Morpheus8 is Likely Not Your Best Solution

Keep in mind that the only way to determine the best approach to improving your facial appearance is to have a consultation with Dr. Peter Grossman. For now, since you are likely during researching the pros and cons of Morpheus8 and a facelift, here are some common factors that usually disqualify Morpheus8 as being the best approach:

  • Skin tightening – If you have sagging facial skin that needs to be tightened, Morpheus8 will not resolve this.
  • Seniors – Morpheus8 is not appropriate for senior patients, as the elderly don’t produce enough collagen, nor is there adequate elasticity required for Morpheus8 to be effective.
  • Bariatric surgery – If you had bariatric surgery, then morpheus8 is not a solution to correct sagging skin. Instead, a tummy tuck or body would likely be suitable.
  • Active acne – If you have extensive active acne, you should first get it under control before seeking Morpheus8 treatments.
  • Deep wrinkles – in many cases, deep wrinkles require surgical treatments for cosmetic changes.
  • Eyelid sagging and bags – Many people with severe bags under the eyes and eyelid problems are not candidates for Morpheus8, as surgical procedures in which tissue reorganization is applied may be the only approach to help people achieve their beauty goals.
  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding – If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, Morpheus8 may not be the right approach. Be sure to check with your physician.

In addition, people with more distinct aging signs may require surgical procedures that Morpheus8 will not address. However, once you have had your facelift (or particular surgery), Morpheus8 treatments can be ideal to help the results last longer and provide you with an ideal investment in effective beauty and surgical results maintenance.

When is Morpheus8 Usually a Great Solution for Addressing Facial Concerns?

Even if you have had a facelift, don’t forget, Father Time continues to keep the clock hands moving. That said, people who have had facelift surgeries are almost always great candidates for Morpheus8 treatments because they enable your surgical results to last longer. Here are some other goals that people have that, generally, make them great candidates for Morpheus8 treatments:

  • Surface wrinkles – If you have surface wrinkles that don’t run deep, or fine lines that you want to fade or remove, Morpheus8 could be your best option.
  • Tighter-looking face – If you seek the appearance of a tighter-looking face, ask your plastic surgeon if Morpheus8 is a good option (just be aware it won’t tighten the skin).
  • Collagen production – For those wanting to increase collagen production and get a youthful glow, Morpheus8 can deliver.
  • Healthier, younger-looking skin – Morpheus8 treatments help to keep the skin looking younger, and healthier.
  • Elasticity – Mortheus8 adds more elasticity to the skin.
  • Fast and easy – For people seeking a noticeable difference in their skin’s appearance before an upcoming event or occasion, Morpheus8 could be the best solution.
  • Postpartum tummy changes – For women whose stomach hasn’t fully retracted after childbirth and who are not breastfeeding, Morpheus8 could help address this concern.
  • Wrinkled knees – Morpheus8 is almost always an ideal solution for fading and eliminating lines and wrinkles on one’s knees.
  • Maintenance after surgery – If you have had a cosmetic surgical procedure, Morpheus8 treatments are usually ideal as part of a maintenance program, and to help ensure your results last longer.

Each person has their own unique health profile and skin condition, so be sure to book a consultation at Grossman Medical in order to determine the best approach for helping you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Why Invest in Morpheus8 at Grossman Medical

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Dr. Peter Grossman is a top plastic surgeon offering the best Morpheus8 treatments to his Beverly Hills patients, West Hills patients, and to people from all over California. We use the latest in modern technology and the level of customer care is next to none.

In addition, Grossman Medical offers the best Morpheus8 deals that include:

  • $600 for one treatment or $1500 for three treatments (last year’s pricing was $1300 for one treatment and $3000 for three treatments)
  • Morpheus8 patients get 25% off PRP and fillers
  • Convenient scheduling
  • Best customer service

Whether you are looking for Beverly Hills Morpheus8 treatments, searching for Morpheus8 treatments in The Valley, or you are outside the greater Los Angeles area, Grossman Medical in West Hills offers the best Morpheus8 treatments, with the best service in the industry.

Call Grossman Medical for a Facelift Assessment and Morpheus8 Consultation Today!

Our team of beauty professionals are standing by to book your consultation at Grossman Medical. Now is the time to learn if a facelift is necessary for you to achieve your aesthetic goals, or if Morpheus8 is the right approach to address those problem areas. Call now and begin the journey to embracing the younger-looking you!

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