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LATISSE® Eyelash Serum: Is It Right for Your Lashes?

Achieving longer, thicker eyelashes is now possible through a simple medical treatment. Approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2009, LATISSE® is available by prescription to stimulate hair growth in people who have sparse or slow-growing eyelashes and/or who are insecure about their lashes. It can also treat hypotrichosis, a condition in which little or no hair growth occurs on the head and other parts of the body.

What Is LATISSE Eyelash Serum and How Does It Work?

LATISSE works by stimulating hair follicles, keeping them in their growth phase so lashes grow faster. It is often prescribed to people who want longer lashes. The medication is derived from Lumigan® (which also contains bimatoprost), a prescription eye drop used to treat glaucoma. When ophthalmologists started using this in 2001, they also recognized increased eyelash growth in patients, who were often pleased with the effect.

LATISSE Side Effects

LATISSE generally produces results with no problems. However, the most common side effect is an itching sensation in the eyes. Eye redness is a possibility as well. These effects were reported in about 4% of patients during clinical trials.1

It can also cause eyelid redness, eye irritation, dryness, and darkening of the skin that can be permanent. Eyelash length, fullness, and thickness may vary as can the number and direction of eyelash hairs. Consult a physician if any new infections or ocular conditions develop, you experience a sudden decrease in visual acuity, or if you have a history of elevated intraocular pressure.

Applying LATISSE to Eyelashes

LATISSE is applied directly to the base of the top eyelid, similar to eye liner, once a day (twice a week once favorable results are noticed). It will spread to the lower eyelid by blinking. Do not apply it in the eye, and use only the sterile applicators that come with the product. If you wear contact lenses, remove them before applying the solution and wait 15 minutes to reinsert them.

With LATISSE, eyelash growth often improves after a month of use. The actual time varies depending on a person’s natural rate of lash growth. Treatment may take up to four months.

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How to Get a Prescription

You must obtain a prescription to use LATISSE and consult with a physician before the first time you use it. Your medical history is important. The product may not be safe to use if you take heart medication or antibiotics, have certain types of allergies, or an eye condition or skin infection. The medication is also not recommended during pregnancy.

To learn more about LATISSE eyelash serum and if treatment is right for you, contact Grossman Plastic Surgery at 818-981-2050 or request a consultation online.


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