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Maintain Your Youth: 4 Plastic Surgery Procedures Women Get in their 50s

According to social standards, 50 isn’t as old as it once was. However, it is when one enters their golden years, and this is when most women see dramatic changes in their face and body at a significantly more noticeable rate than when they entered their 30s and 40s. In our 50s, the breakdown of the skin coincides with menopause meaning that you will be living in a time met with lots of stress. When the skin barrier breaks down it is virtually impossible to maintain moisture and elasticity making your face and body vulnerable for wrinkles, fine lines, and other common signs of aging. Due to natural aging, and considering that aging accelerates once we hit 50, many women book a consultation with the best plastic surgeon to go over some surgical options that will slow down the signs of physical aging and help women maintain a youthful glow for decades to come. This article is intended to help people start thinking about cosmetic surgery as a good investment in oneself to look and feel young and energetic despite the hands of time.

  1. Getting a Brow Lift Takes Years Off Your Face

Your forehead or brow is one of the hardest hit areas that reveals your age. A brow lift reverses the effects of physical aging, and the toll gravity takes on our body by tightening the soft tissue to restore the natural contour to the forehead, eyebrows, and upper eyelids.

Youthful foreheads in a resting state are positioned above the orbital rim with a slight lateral arch, and this end of the brow is positioned above the medial end. As we age, it becomes difficult for our brow to maintain a horizontal, flat position. A brow lift will rejuvenate the upper portion of your face by eliminating fine lines, wrinkles, and any sagging. When you book a consultation and mention the possibility of a brow lift, the plastic surgeon will study your face while looking for various signs of aging that warrant the procedure. Some of these include:

● Low eyebrow position
● Sagging brow
● Deep, horizontal creases on the forehead
● Excess fatty skin around the eyes
● Frown lines and furrows

A brow lift is often performed with other facial procedures, such as a face lift and neck tightening procedure.

  1. Get a Face Lift Procedure

Just as the brow lift is intended to give the face a youthful appearance, the face lift helps people achieve the same goal. As previously mentioned, these procedures are often done in tandem, and it is more cost effective and better for your overall goals to book them together, so long as your plastic surgeon supports your decision to have these facial procedures done.

A standard face lift procedure begins with an incision on the hairline, and at one’s temples that continues around the ears and concludes in the lower scalp region. Based on the patient, fat might be redistributed or sculpted on the face, neck and jowls, and the deep facial muscles can also be lifted, if necessary. The skin is then stretched and repositioned over the uplifted contours while extra skin is removed.

A facelift leaves the skin looking even and flat without any frown lines or wrinkles, and in most cases the procedure can take 20 years off one’s appearance. If you book a consultation for a face lift be sure to ask your plastic surgeon if a brow lift, eyelid, and neck procedure would also be necessary to help you achieve your beauty goals.

  1. Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation

The breasts are prominent features on the female form, and much like the face, gravity can take a toll as we age. A breast lift procedure corrects the degree of breast sagging that results from aging, and firms up the elasticity to give women a firm, youthful look.

Many women who book a breast lift consultation will walk away with even greater opportunities to improve their appearance. For example, breast augmentation can be done at the time of a lift. If the breasts can be improved in terms of shape and size, or the positioning isn’t symmetrical, all of this can be corrected, including the symmetry of the areolas. Patients can also get a breast lift while going up or down a size. When you go over your beauty goals with your plastic surgeon be sure to ask if any additional enhancements are necessary to ensure you get the ideal look and youthful energy your body craves.

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  1. Get A Tummy Tuck and Feel Young for Bikini Season

Another one of the most frequently performed cosmetic surgeries to restore a youthful appearance is the tummy tuck. Many people ask themselves, is a tummy tuck right for me, and if you want to look younger and firm up your abdominal area, then you are likely a prime candidate. As we age fat deposits are stored around the belly and burning off the excess fat with diet and exercise is much harder once we hit 30, and even more difficult when we enter our 50s. A tummy tuck flattens and sculpts the stomach giving the individual an athletic, young and healthy look.

A traditional full tummy tuck procedure is done using a horizontally-orientated incision between the navel and pubic hairline. A second incision by the belly button could also be required, if there is a need to remove extra skin. The skin on the upper abdominal area is pulled down while excess skin is cut away and the remaining skin is sutured together. Then, the plastic surgeon uses his artistry to form a new belly button opening in the right area to give each patient a look of perfection. Recovery time varies from one patient to another based on several factors, but most women who have a tummy tuck are able to get in their bikini and turn heads on the beach six weeks after the procedure.

Call Grossman Medical for a Consultation to Learn How You Can Look 20 Years Younger

Cosmetic surgery is the best gift you can give yourself, as it will help you look and feel significantly younger, and when we look and feel our best, we position ourselves to achieve goals and live the best life. Call Grossman Medical today and discover what the best cosmetic procedures are for you, that will help you turn back the hands of time.

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