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Morpheus8 VS Facelift Surgery: Which Cosmetic Procedure is Right for You?

There is a lot of deception out there when it comes to feeding people expectations about Morpheus8 and the results they can expect.to receive. Just visit a number of websites where this procedure is offered, and you will likely find a few that call it a “non-surgical alternative to a facelift”, but this is not at all accurate. The truth is Morpheus8 can be the perfect facial rejuvenation procedure for the right patients, based on their beauty goals, but it is not a substitute for a fully-fledged facelift. If you are looking for the best Morpheus8 in Beverly Hills, locals come to Grossman Medical in West Hills to receive this incredible treatment that can make people look younger after their first treatment. But ultimately your reason is to look younger, have tighter, softer skin, and feel rejuvenated with a newly found youthful appearance, and for many, Morpheus8 is the best option, while for others, a facelift is preferred. This article will explore the question as to which option is right for you, while shedding some light on both procedures.

H2 – What Are The Main Differences Between Morpheus8 and A Facelift?

While both a facelift and Morpheus8 are intended to improve the appearance of the face and enable people to look (and feel) younger, there are some key differences that people need to be aware of. Let’s explore these. Following is a list of common facelift and Morpheus8 benefits to understand when seeking a cosmetic procedure or treatment to achieve a more youthful look, followed by the type of treatment(s) that will help patients reach their goals:

  • Improve the appearance of surface wrinkles – Both Morpheus8 and a facelift
  • Make the face look thicker and tighter – Both Morpheus8 and a facelift
  • Build up more collagen to make skin look more level, even and thicker – Morpheus8 only
  • Makes people look younger – Both Morpheus8 and a facelift
  • Makes skin look healthier – Both Morpheus8 and a facelift
  • Makes the skin tighter – Facelift only
  • Quick and easy – Morpheus8 is always quicker and easier than a facelift
  • No down time or minimal recovery time – Morpheus8 only
  • Body has an inflammatory response that triggers the face to respond by creating more collagen and elasticity – Morpheus8 only
  • Long-lasting – Both Morpheus8 and a facelift
  • Little aftercare – Morpheus8 only
  • Good for postpartum tummy changes / for women after childbirth whose stomach hasn’t fully retracted – Both Morpheus8 and facelift
  • A method for tightening the skin – Facelift only
  • Suitable for seniors – Facelift only (there isn’t any or enough collagen or elasticity to produce using Morpheus8)
  • Eliminates sagging skin – Facelift only
  • Eliminates sagging skin on the belly – A tummy tuck or alternative procedure will be required
  • Ideal for people who had bariatric surgery – A tummy tuck or alternative procedure will be required
  • Cost-saving – Morpheus8 is significantly more affordable than a facelift

After you have reviewed these facts, you will want to schedule a consultation at Grossman Medical to truly learn which procedure or procedures are right for you based on the condition of your skin, age, beauty goals, and medical history.

Morpheus8 is Known as the Best Maintenance for Facelift Patients

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Let’s face reality: while a facelift will make you look younger, and last a long time, eventually the aging process will hit you like it does with all of us, and the physical signs will resurface. The key is to have a good maintenance plan to ensure your facelift results last as long as possible, and patients who get regularly scheduled Morpheus8 treatments after their facelift maintain their amazing, youthful results for a significantly longer period. After your facelift, Morpheus8 will work to help your face produce more collagen and elasticity–something a surgery alone can’t do as an ongoing benefit. Once your sagging skin is removed, and your facial skin is tightened by surgery, Morpheus8 treatments will enable you to maintain that glow, soft skin, and will help the results of your facelift last for a much longer period of time.                                                             In the event Dr. Grossman recommends Morpheus8 treatments as part of a maintenance plan to ensure your facelift results last as long as possible, you can rest assured with confidence knowing that you will maintain your youthful beauty for a long period of time as opposed to those who opt out of Morpheus8 treatments.

Book a Consultation at Grossman Medical to See if a Facelift or Morpheus8 is Your Best Anti-aging Cosmetic Procedure

Your goal is to look and feel younger, and your first step is to book a consultation at Grossman Medical to learn more about Morpheus9, facelifts, and to determine which one, or if both, are necessary to help you reach your aesthetic goals. Now is the time to take that big first step before the new year changes and start the new year with a face that looks 20 years younger!

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