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Grossman Medical has the Best Plastic Surgeon Encino has to Offer

When it comes to finding the best plastic surgeon in all of Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley, the residents of Encino seek care from Grossman Medical for all cosmetic procedures. 

The plastic surgery practice of Dr. Peter Grossman focuses on beautiful results within a patient-focused facility built on the principles of care that is private, personal, and highly supportive. Our patients seeking the best plastic surgeon Encino has to offer will benefit from Dr. Peter Grossman and his advanced medical knowledge, eye for artistry, and the latest advances in surgical and non-surgical treatment. 

Grossman Medical offers Encino residents’ procedures for the body, face, breasts, and other areas of the body in a collaborative process to help each patient achieve their aesthetic external beauty goals. Whether we find resolutions for problematic areas, refine, and rejuvenate specific features, or perform a full mommy makeover, Grossman Medical strives to help every patient become the best version of their true self. 

Grossman Medical Values Encino and their Need for the Best Plastic Surgeon

Encino is known as a neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley–a sprawling part of Los Angeles with a variety of affluent pockets. Encino is one of the leading cities in the country for people seeking the best plastic surgeon, as the median age for residents is 42 with a growing percentage in residents aged 50 and older making Encino one of the country’s highest neighborhoods of people in these age ranges.

This is significant because these are the highest age bracket that seek plastic surgery procedures, and Dr. Peter Grossman has been serving this area for decades with his advanced expertise known nationwide. Whether you are in your 40s and live next to Libbit Park, and you seek cosmetic procedures to slow down the physical signs of aging, or you are a new mom living in a home overlooking the Balboa Golf Course and you are interested in the Mommy Makeover procedure, Grossman Medical is here to serve Encino and help each patient achieve their beauty goals.

What to Look for in the Best Plastic Surgeon Encino Offers

When it comes to finding the best plastic surgeon Encino has to offer, it is critical to look at the physician’s skillset. For example, plastic surgeons that specialize and primarily only work on the face, or other parts of the body, have limited experience when it comes to helping patients improve all of their bodily beauty goals, and this won’t serve you well if you are looking for multiple procedures, let alone a plastic surgeon who is truly advanced in their skills.

The best plastic surgeon Encino offers specializes in every cosmetic procedure and will be able to combine his artistry and medical knowledge to help people improve all problem areas of the body. Grossman Medical is known throughout Encino and all the country for offering every procedure with amazing results. Some of these procedures include:

Facial plastic surgery procedures – Brow lift, rhinoplasty, otoplasty, facelift, blepharoplasty, Botox, laser facelift, and more.

Breast surgeries – Mastopexy, breast augmentation, breast reduction, correction asymmetry, gynecomastia (male breast reduction)

Body plastic surgeries – Tummy tuck, liposuction, body sculpting, labiaplasty, custom mommy makeover, underarm sweat gland removal, B12 injections, weight loss surgeries, removal of loose skin. 

Skin surgeries – Hair removal, laser brown spot removal, skin rejuvenation procedures, pigmented lesion removal, tattoo removal, anti-aging procedures, laser skin resurfacing, laser skin revitalization, and more.

Grossman Medical masters all the above procedures and many more, including facial reconstruction surgeries to make one resemble a specific ethnicity, give people features that resemble desired features found in others (for example, adopted individuals that want to resemble the family that embraced them, or people who want eye shapes common to Asian groups).

Grossman Medical also offers custom mommy makeover procedures that often include vaginal rejuvenation, tummy tucks, breast procedures, and body sculpting to give them back their pre-pregnancy body shape. Dr. Peter Grossman has decades of experience in mastering all of these procedures, and more, making him the best plastic surgeon Encino has to offer.

The Best Plastic Surgeons Encino Offers Forms Genuine Relationships with Patients

When residents are looking for the best plastic surgeon Encino offers, Grossman Medical becomes the obvious choice not just because Dr. Peter Grossman is a world-renowned expert in cosmetic medicine and reconstructive surgery, but for the collaborative, close relationships that are formed with patients. 

Best Plastic Surgeons Encino


All too often, plastic surgeons assess the patient and tell them what work needs to be done; they forget to listen to the patient and really try to get to the bottom of their needs. This is one of many ways Grossman Medical stands out as offering the best plastic surgeon Encino has that performs a wide range of cosmetic surgeries delighting people with specific beauty goals throughout Los Angeles.

For more than 20 years Dr. Grossman has taken a sensitive, collaborative approach with each client to ensure all their needs are met, and beauty goals are achieved. This means working with each patient, and not dictating. Read our patient reviews and you will see why Grossman Medical is the most sought-after plastic surgery center in Encino. 

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Come experience the exceptional patient care at Grossman Medical, and discover how all of your beauty goals can be achieved through working with the best plastic surgeon Encino offers, as well as all of Los Angeles.

Patients come to Dr. Grossman from all over the country, and even from abroad. Discover how genuine patient care through a collaborative bond, skilled artistry, and our state-of-the art medical procedures makes Grossman Medical the top choice for Encino.


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