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5 Things to Expect from When Working with the Best Facelift Surgeon in West Hills

If you are thinking about getting a facelift procedure and you haven’t settled on a physician, West Hills, Ca is a great place to start. Located on the edges of Los Angeles and Ventura counties, West Hills is a booming area for cosmetic surgeries, attracting the best facelift surgeons in the country. Obviously, you are aware that a facelift procedure reverses the physical signs of aging, giving patients a youthful, vibrant glow. But before working with the best facelift surgeon in West Hills, you should have a full understanding of exactly what happens in a facelift procedure, and you should know what to expect when working with a medical artist like Dr. Peter Grossman.

1. Your Realistic Expectations Will be Defined, and Met (Even Surpassed)

When you book a consultation with our best facelift surgeon in West Hills at Grossman Medical, the first thing you will experience is a consultation in which the doctor examines your face and listens to your needs and talks through a variety of topics to get a full understanding of your expectations. It is important that you have realistic expectations considerigbefore undergoing any cosmetic surgical procedure, including the facelift. If you have unrealistic expectations (say you are 70 and you want the same face you had on your wedding day at 19), this may not be a realistic goal, but shaving 40 years off your appearance may be very achievable. In some cases, multiple procedures will need to be performed to help you achieve your beauty goals, and this will be disclosed during the consultation so that you and your doctor can make the best possible decision that will benefit you.

2. Gain a Full Understanding of the Recovery Time from a Facelift

The time it takes for one to recover is relatively fast compared to other procedure recovery times, but the timeframe will also be predicated on your current medical condition, age, and the type of facelift procedure being done. Typically, patients who have had a standard facelift procedure are able to return to work and normal activities within one to two weeks. However, the best facelift surgeons will always side with caution and advise patients to wait roughly two to four weeks before partaking in strenuous exercise. It is also ideal to have a family member or friend watch over you for the first week of your recovery time, as you will want to get rest and it is always helpful to have someone bring you your medications, food, and perform general household activities for you during the recovery process. The pain is usually very minimal, and healthy patients are known for bouncing back relatively quickly. Just know that once you have your consultation with our facelift surgeon Dr. Grossman, he will be able to give you an estimated recovery time once he has fully examined you and reviewed your medical history.

3. Gain a Clear Understanding: What is a Facelift?

When you have your consultation at Grossman Medica,l we will give you a full explanation of what a facelift surgery is, as there are many misconceptions out there. A facelift, also known as rhytidectomy, is a cosmetic procedure resulting in a younger facial appearance. A facelift can restore changes to the face in terms of shape caused by aging, as well as reduce facial sagging and folds in the skin that develop over time. Based on your jawline, cheeks, the skin around your eyes, the neck, and brow your facelift could be a traditional one, or call for some other facial surgeries to give you the look you desire. That said, the right facelift for you won’t be truly known until you can be examined by our facelift surgeon in West Hills.

4. Types of Procedures that May Accompany a Facelift

Based on your beauty goals and the condition of your face, your facelift surgeon may recommend a series of procedures to accompany the standard facelift. Some of these may include:

● Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty)
● Ear surgery (otoplasty)
● Brow lift
● Rhinoplasty
● Botox and fillers
● Neck procedure (turkey neck correction)
● Blepharoplasty

A healthy percentage of patients aged over 50 who book a facelift will also have their neck done–a common procedure that’s performed at the same time as a facelift in which “turkey neck” is corrected and the skin is tightened to give a youthful appearance that will perfectly match the rejuvenated face. As you can see, a number of procedures may be recommended for a facelift consultation, and this is why finding the best facelift surgeon almost always means you also locate the best plastic surgeon in West Hills, as the two go hand-in-hand.

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You and Your Facelift Surgeon Enter a Relationship Dedicated to Getting the Best Results

There are a number of facelift surgeons out there, and the majority of them like to call the shots and push their professional opinion. However, when you book a consultation with Dr. Grossman you will instantly see why he is considered the best facelift surgeon in West Hills, as he may be taking charge of the engagement, but ultimately you work together as a unit in a close relationship, as a facelift is a very intimate procedure that requires your input. Your needs, concerns, wishes and beauty goals will be hearn, and every recommendation posed by Dr. Grossman will be focused on helping you achieve the goals you outline in your consultation. Hearing out a patient is as important as showcasing best practices based on a patient’s health and age, so when you work with the best facelift surgeon in West Hills at Grossman Medical, you can rest assured knowing your voice will be heard, and your wishes will be implemented into the overall facelift procedure and any additional operations that may be done simultaneously.

Call Grossman Medical Today and Book a Consultation with Dr. Peter Grossman, the Best Facelift Surgeon in West Hills

Why leave your facelift in the hands of an average physician? Dr. Peter Grossman has decades of experience in the medical arts and sciences creating gorgeous youthful faces that exceed his patient’s expectations. Call our caring, supportive team today and we will schedule you to meet with Dr. Grossman so you can learn more about the facelift procedure, and how it can help you look and feel younger for decades to come.

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