Top things to know about Morpheus8 treatment

Top Things People Wish They Had Known Before Getting Their First Morpheus8 Treatment

In the landscape of skin rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments, nothing is creating as much noise as Morpheus8. Praised as a major game-changer by celebrities, beauty magazines and social media influencers, this microneedling treatment combined with RF technology has been creating a lot of buzz because it is the only nonsurgical method for reducing wrinkles, lines, and other signs of aging that garner powerful results. 

Grossman Medical is a leader in Morpheus8 treatments and has performed thousands of treatments on those who want to reduce the signs of aging. Dr. Peter Grossman even uses Morpheus8 as a follow-up maintenance treatment for patients who have gone the surgical route. However, most people who seek the best Morpheus8 treatments in Los Angeles at Grossman Medical do so as an alternative to surgery, and based on patient feedback, here are some top things people wish they had more fully contemplated before getting their first Morpheus8 treatment. 

Although Morpheus8 is the fastest growing skin rejuvenation treatment on the market, people who book appointments to have their first treatment often express that they wished they knew a little bit more about this procedure before booking their treatment. That said, this article is intended to educate our valued patients so that you can be armed with a little more information before coming in for your Morpheus8 consultation.

Plan to have a Day of Social Downtime After Your First Morpheus8 Treatment

While many people experience no down time after their first Morpheus8 treatment, some will experience redness, scabbing, and other minor side effects. Often, people will plan their Morpheus8 treatment the day of a big event, such as a night out with friends, a wedding, or the day they plan to depart on vacation. While this works well for some, it’s better to play things safe and book your appointment so that you have a solid day of recovery, or if you really want to be conservative, you can get Morpheus8 48 hours before your big social event.

Morpheus8 Treatments Work Right Away

This loops back into the above point, but many people aren’t aware that Morpheus8 treatments work right away in terms of offering visible results. This means some people will go well out of their way to change their schedule around to accommodate Morpheus8 treatments thinking that it will take several days or multiple treatments to get results. However, the most people see noticeable results after their first Morpheus8 treatment that includes the following:

  • Fewer fine lines
  • Faded wrinkles
  • Smoother skin
  • Softer skin
  • Skin that looks younger
  • Faded spots

Now that you know that most people see immediate results after their first treatment, you can plan social events more accordingly with your Morpheus8 treatments.

Morpheus8 Treatments are Not Effective for Sagging Skin

While Morpheus8 is a great non-surgical method for skin rejuvenation and smoothing out lines and wrinkles while giving the facial skin a tighter look, it is not intended to treat sagging skin. For example, if you quickly lose weight and have excess sagging skin, you will need to have that removed with a type of face lift surgery That said, if your goal is to remove severe jowling, excess fat around the abdomen, or “cottage cheese fat” from your thighs, Morpheus8 is better utilized as maintenance for a simple surgical procedure to remove lose, sagging skin and fat.

When Having Your First Morpheus8 Treatment, Bring a Distraction

Although Morpheus8 is not known for being painful, it can be uncomfortable at times, especially in certain areas. At Grossman Medical we use a numbing cream to reduce discomfort, but it’s still good to prepare. Some patients will bring their Air Pods or some headphones so they can listen to their favorite music, or even a spiritual recording that will help them “zen out” during the Morpheus8 treatment. Many describe this as a useful distraction that reduces the amount of discomfort they feel.

Be prepared for your first Morpheus8 treatment

Another tactic is to bring a stress ball, fidget spinner, or some type of a device that you can squeeze or manipulate with your hand. Studies show that when people aren’t anticipating the next steps, they are able to better relax. In addition, being able to squeeze something or manipulate an object in your hand not only helps to distract someone during a procedure, but it helps reduce the levels of physical discomfort. 

While many people experience no discomfort, it’s still always good to be prepared in the event you need the distraction, even if numbing creams are used. 

Book Your Morpheus8 Treatments at Grossman Medical Today

When it comes to Morpheus8 treatments, Dr. Peter Grossman and his team are the most experienced and have been praised for offering the best Morpheus8 maintenance programs along with the best customer service experience in the industry. Call our knowledgeable team today to set up your consultation and prepare the way for looking and feeling younger with a newfound level of vibrancy in your life. 

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