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What is a Brachioplasty and How Can This Plastic Surgery Procedure Transform My Life?

A brachioplasty, also known as an arm lift, is a cosmetic surgery procedure that reshapes the back of one’s upper arm down to above the elbow. This procedure removed excess tissue and sagging skin to make your arm look lean, shapely, fit, and smooth. When people gain weight in their arms, the skin will slowly stretch over time. This often leads to multiple skin folds and excess tissue. This happens after someone loses a significant amount of weight. For example, obese people who have gastric bypass surgery will often book a brachioplasty arm lift at Grossman Medical to smooth out and shape the arms to resemble a beautiful, statuesque figure. In fact, most people who schedule a brachioplasty with Dr. Peter Grossman are individuals who had successful weight loss surgeries.

Schedule a Brachioplasty Consultation After You Have Lost Your Target Weight After Weight Loss Surgery

When people get gastric bypass surgery or get the gastric band, most describe their weight loss as being rapid. If you can exercise with weights and try to build muscle while you shred the pounds, you will have a better chance at avoiding excess skin and tissue on the arms, neck, chin, and abdomen. But even then, some people will enter rigorous exercise programs and still develop sagging tissue and folds of skin, and a brachioplasty will correct this.

Many people will group the brachioplasty procedure as part of their overall plan for getting their dream body along with their weight loss surgery; they understand that a brachioplasty will be “phase two” of their overall transformation. After all, why should someone go through the expense and recovery time associated with weight loss surgery only to still feel unattractive, even if they shred the fat? There will still be folds of sagging skin dangling from the upper arms, and nobody can stride with confidence on the beach with arms that look like bat wings.

A Brachioplasty Arm Lift is a Finishing Touch to Creating Bodily Perfection

As previously stated, you will likely have sagging folds of skin and tissue on your upper arms after weight loss surgery, so a brachioplasty arm lift is the finishing touch to create a beautifully sculpted body. One way to look at brachioplasty is to imagine a manufacturing process: a prototype is made (a projected “after image” of your body after weight loss surgery), then the surgeon performs the surgery, and time will tell how the results come out (the manufacturing process). In some cases, excess materials need to be burred away in the finishing process, and once you have lost your weight and there are folds of skin left hanging from your arms, you will need a brachioplasty surgeon at Grossman Medical to remove the extra skin and improve the shape and texture of your arms. This may be a rather crude metaphor, but it serves a point in illustrating the process of going from an obese individual to a perfectly sculpted man or women with a great degree of bodily appeal.

A Brachioplasty Will Improve Your Social and Personal Life

Loose sagging skin from the arms is off putting to most people. Unfortunately, we live in a world where people make snap judgements based on one’s appearance. As you make your way in the world to build friendships, network with others, and create romantic relationships, you will likely have a more difficult time with flabby upper arms. A brachioplasty procedure will remove any reason for someone to judge you based on your appearance and put you into an entirely different market where it will be much easier to meet people and engage with them daily.

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A Brachioplasty Promotes Better Physical Health

Another way that a brachioplasty procedure can transform your life is by removing a giant risk factor for having physical problems with your skin. Excess skin folds can rub against other areas of your body creating painful rashes that can eventually turn into sores. Sometimes, people with such wounds develop infections, and while many infections are easy to treat, some can develop into a fatal diagnosis. For example, sepsis happens when an existing infection ignites a chain reaction throughout the entire body. If the condition is not promptly treated, people can succumb to their infection and experience organ failure, tissue damage or even death. That said, eliminating anything potential risk to your health that has the capacity to escalate into something critical is almost always advised to do.

Book a Brachioplasty at Grossman Medical Today

If you had weight loss surgery and have flappy, sagging unsightly skin on your upper arms, a brachioplasty procedure can improve your physical and mental health, and help you achieve your original goal to look amazing and fit. If you have excess skin in other locations, such as the abdomen, Dr. Grossman can assess your entire body during the brachioplasty consultation and, potentially, propose a procedure that will correct all of your problem areas. Our friendly staff is standing by; call now and discover all the amazing options that you must choose from while getting expert medical advice.

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