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What is a Mommy Makeover Surgery, and Who is an Ideal Candidate?

You may have heard it mentioned on daytime talk TV; the mommy makeover is a highly popular combination of plastic surgery procedures and techniques designed to address the common body challenges faced by women who have gone through childbearing and breastfeeding. Not only are members of the Hollywood elite setting out to partner with a plastic surgeon for the mommy makeover surgery, but women from all over Los Angeles and Ventura counties are booking these procedures at an increased rate, based on the publicized success stories of so many patients. While it may appear as a “catch-all phrase” used in cosmetic medicine, the mommy makeover combines the right procedures customized to each individual woman’s body and her beauty goals. For more than a decade Dr. Peter Grossman has custom tailored the mommy makeover procedure to patients who have their own unique sets of needs, leaving them feeling fulfilled and confident with a more youthful appearance. This article is intended to help women understand exactly what the mommy makeover is, and who an ideal candidate is for this procedure.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for the Mommy Makeover Procedure?

The ideal candidate for the mommy makeover procedure is a woman who has given birth and is no longer breastfeeding with the physical aftermaths that have caused drooping, sagging, and other bodily changes that are not in line with the semblance of a youthful, toned figure. In addition, the right patient for the mommy makeover must have a genuine want and need to reclaim a toned, tight body free from the effects caused by breastfeeding and childbearing. Some women embrace the natural changes their bodies go through after giving birth and breastfeeding from the philosophy that they are comfortable with the fact their appearance has aged and gravity has taken its toll. This is a perfectly fine attitude to have, but so too is the philosophy held by women who seek a plastic surgeon to reverse these changes that drastically changed their appearance. That said, the ideal mommy makeover candidate is not someone who is comfortable and happy with her bodily changes after pregnancy but instead women who want to reverse the physical changes. Dr. Peter Grossman sits down with each patient to get a clear understanding of their expectations and needs, and pieces together a mommy makeover procedure designed to help each patient achieve all of their goals from both the physical and psychological corners of one’s identity and how they relate to themselves.

The Accoutrements of the Mommy Makeover

The main components of the mommy makeover revolve around the breasts and abdomen, as these are the primary parts of a woman’s body that change with motherhood. During a pregnancy and the breast-feeding process, the breasts can enlarge by an entire cup size or more, and after the breast feeding phase is over and the breasts go back to their “normal” size, a significant amount of breast volume can be lost along with noticeable sagging.

During pregnancy the abdominal muscles, tummy tissues and surrounding skin will stretch to safely accommodate the growth of one’s baby. In many cases, women find that their muscles and skin don’t bounce back to that taunt, toned pre-pregnancy shape, and in some cases the abdominal muscles get moved in such a way that they leave an appearance that’s not ideal. Such changes can impact a woman’s self- esteem and romantic relationships.

Every patient is different with various needs, but most women who have the mommy makeover procedure at Grossman Medical typically have work done to the breasts and abdomen to achieve their ideal pre-pregnancy look and feel.

The Mommy Makeover and Breast Surgery Procedures

There are several possible breast surgery procedures your plastic surgeon may recommend in the mommy makeover procedure. These include:

  • Breast augmentation
  • Breast reduction surgery
  • Breast enlargement surgery
  • Breast correction asymmetry
  • Breast lift

Once a patient is through breastfeeding, your plastic surgeon will be able to examine your breasts and based on their positioning, size, and firmness, alongside your goals and needs, the ideal breast surgery will be selected as part of the overall mommy makeover procedure.

Types of Abdominal Surgical Procedures in a Mommy Makeover

Much like the breasts, a woman’s abdomen can react in a variety of ways to a pregnancy. Typically, most women will experience excess fat around the abdomen, a loss in tone, have a “belly pooch”, and the abdominal muscles may need to be surgically corrected and repositioned. Some of the abdominal surgical procedures performed in the mommy makeover include:

  • Tummy tuck
  • Liposuction
  • Circumferential abdominoplasty

When you have your consultation with Dr. Grossman, he will provide his recommendation on which abdominal procedure should be included in your mommy makeover based on your body’s post-pregnancy identity, and your specific wishes.

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Is Vaginal Rejuvenation Part of the Mommy Makeover?

After pregnancy, the shape, size and function of the vaginal area can change. That said, a mommy makeover may include one or more vaginal rejuvenation surgeries to return the vagina to its pre-pregnancy state. After pregnancy, many women feel discomfort and embarrassment due to the changes that took place. Vaginal rejuvenation procedures can include a labiaplasty, clitoral hood reduction, labia majoraplasty, monsplasty and vaginoplasty. If your vaginal region succumbs to a number of alterations in appearance and functionality after a pregnancy, you will want to discuss these changes with your plastic surgeon and determine if they should be components of your customized mommy makeover procedure.

Call Grossman Medical to Learn More About Our Innovative Mommy Makeover Procedure

Being an amazing mom and looking amazing is possible after your pregnancy thanks to a custom mommy makeover procedure at Grossman Medical. You can get your pre-pregnancy body back, along with your confidence, and the first step is to call for a consultation. Our caring team is standing by to answer your questions, and get you booked in to meet with Dr. Grossman. Call today and take that first step to living the best version of your true self.

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