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What is a Tummy Tuck Procedure? Who is an Ideal Candidate?

Los Angeles County is known for having some of the most active, healthy people in the country. Yet even active people in LA that get a regular workout with a personal trainer are not able to hit their goals when it comes to sculpting the stomach area. A study conducted by UCLA utilizing 34 healthy men who worked out at the same Equinox gym discovered that after a 12 week fitness plan, only 42 percent were able to hit their body goals. This goes to show that, despite eating a healthy diet and working out with a personal trainer, there are just some areas of our body that fail to respond to our best efforts. The tummy and abdominal area happens to be a very stubborn place to sculpt simply by using the tools of diet and exercise alone. If you have sagging or loose skin, or fatty deposits around your stomach, then you may want to invest in a tummy tuck procedure in West Hills, CA to finally achieve your goals surrounding your physique.

This article is intended to help people better understand what a tummy tuck is, and if the procedure would be a good option to hit one’s body goals.

When do People Usually Start Considering a Tummy Tuck Procedure?

Most people consider a tummy tuck procedure when they are not satisfied with results from diet and exercise alone, or if they come to the realization that rigorous and ongoing exercising isn’t an option. Usually in cases like these, going in for a tummy tuck procedure is an ideal option because the results come quickly with little down time. When the skin and muscle structure stretches out, restoring the body’s natural shape can be impossible without the aid of cosmetic surgery.So when people are dealing with saggy skin and fat around the abdomen, and they find themselves not being satisfied with the results from other attempts to get lean and cut, most consider a tummy tuck procedure.

How is a Tummy Tuck Procedure Done?

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Like any other cosmetic surgery, a tummy tuck begins with a consultation. This is critical, as you and your plastic surgeon need to be on the same page through every stage of the process. Dr. Peter Grossman is known across the country for being able to consult with patients to learn exactly what their body goals are, down to fine detail, and use his artistry and surgical skills to perform tummy tucks that will help patients achieve all of their bodily aesthetic goals.

A tummy tuck procedure, also known as abdominoplasty, removes sagging and loose skin around the abdomen while fat deposits are removed and sculpting techniques are performed to sculpt a taunt, contour and firm midsection. When a tummy tuck procedure is performed, Dr. Peter Grossman will make an incision just above the pubic bone. Then, loose skin is stretched taut and excess amounts of fat and skin are removed to give the patient a sirm, youthful abdomen. In some cases women who seek a tummy tuck procedure after childbirth will have muscles with a split appearance, and when this is the case those muscles will be repaired during the surgery.

What are the Benefits of Having a Tummy Tuck Procedure?

A tummy tuck procedure offers a plethora of benefits to multiple groups of people. For example, patients who have gone through childbirth can benefit from a tummy tuck in that it will restore their body back to having a fit appearance and youthful glow, and a tummy tuck procedure also benefits people who have lost a significant amount of weight but are left with loose, saggy skin. Many people who lose a great degree of weight fantasize about showcasing their new body on the beach, or they hope to have the confidence to rejoin the dating world. However, the sagging skin is usually never anticipated and people are left feeling embarrassed or insecure. A tummy tuck can compliment their weight loss by toning everything up and giving people the confidence they need to lead a happy, productive life. Tummy tucks also improve one’s posture and create opportunities for plastic surgeons to repair any damage that might have been done to the abdominal muscles.

Another benefit to having a tummy tuck procedure is that you get fast results with a quick recovery. A tummy tuck procedure is an outpatient surgery that takes three to four hours to perform. Patients are sent home the same day the procedure is performed with the recommendation to have a family member or friend with the patient for a few days just to ensure the individual is eating, staying hydrated, is taking their meds, and is recovering with minimal pain or discomfort.

What’s the Difference Between a Traditional Tummy Tuck Procedure and a Mini Tummy Tuck?

The primary difference between a traditional tummy tuck procedure and a mini tummy tuck comes down to where the excess fat and loose skin is located. If the saggy skin and fat deposits are located below the navel requiring removal and sculpting only below the navel line, then this would define a mini tummy tuck. However, if skin removal, fat removal and sculpting is required both above and below the navel, then one would receive a standard tummy tuck procedure. In addition, a mini tummy tuck doesn’t require changing the navel’s position. In a traditional tummy tuck procedure the belly button structure is moved to the correct part of the abdomen once the tissue has been repositioned. Both the mini tummy tuck and traditional tummy tuck will give patients a firm, toned abdomen and beautifully sculpted stomach. Once the body has been examined, the physician will make the recommended procedure.

Book a Consultation with Dr. Peter Grossman for a Tummy Tuck Procedure Today!

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Dr. Peter Grossman is a nationally accomplished plastic surgeon specializing in tummy tuck procedures with the track record of giving each and every client the body of their dreams. Call Grossman Medical today for a consultation and discover how you can achieve a sculpted, trim abdomen that will give you that youthful, sexy look that you have been yearning for.

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