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What Kind of a Recovery can You Expect to Have After a Tummy Tuck Procedure?

If you are considering a tummy tuck procedure, then it is important to understand not only what the procedure entails, but also what your recovery will look like. First, it is important to understand that recovery will look very differently from one patient to the next. One’s recovery from a tummy tuck procedure will depend on the quality of your physician’s work, your overall health, your body weight, and the type of tummy tuck you will be having. When you have your consultation with Dr, Grossman for a tummy tuck procedure, he will give you an examination and outline the details of the procedure along with recovery instructions and expectations. 

It is critical that you allow your body enough time to heal after a tummy tuck. You will likely be required to stay at the hospital for at least a few hours after the tummy tuck procedure for observation. When you are ready to go home, Dr. Grossman will give you a post-surgery care plan to help facilitate a graceful recovery with pain management. 

But for now, here are the recovery points that most people go through as they heal from their tummy tuck procedure.

Tummy Tuck Recovery Best Practices

When you follow your plastic surgeon’s advice on post- surgical recovery dos and don’ts, you will have a much better recovery experience in which pain levels can be managed and the time it takes to resume to normal life will come sooner than you think. There are several tummy tuck recovery tips that you can follow, but these expectations and tips are generally the most common ones given to patients, and that they can expect to have, when recovering from the procedure:

Daily Showering – Once the drain tubes have been removed, daily showering is healthy. Just make sure the shower is warm but not hot. 

Swelling – Swelling is normal, and it will make muscle movement difficult with some stiffness. 

Taking Walks – If your doctor agrees, short, gentle walks around the neighborhood can commence seven days after your tummy tuck procedure, as tolerated. Just don’t exceed a walk more than 15 minutes and avoid any strenuous uphill routes. 

Driving – Usually, driving is discouraged for up to three weeks after a tummy tuck procedure. The reasons for this include stiffness, lack of concentration, and you will be on some painkillers that make people drowsy. 

Scar Minimization Tape – This is usually recommended for two to four months after surgery. Then one usually switches to tape or silicone cream. 

Support Garments – Fitted shapewear is usually recommended to wear for the first six months after surgery. This would be worn 24 hours a day until the doctor says it is no longer needed. 

Tummy Tuck Recovery

What does a Timeline Look Like for a Tummy Tuck Recovery?

The timeline recovery after a tummy tuck procedure begins the minute you arrive in the recovery room. A healthcare professional will monitor you during this time, checking your incision, your vitals, and pain levels. Your surgical drains will also be examined and once you are ready to go home, they will likely be removed. 

During the first few days after surgery, you will need someone to drive you home and arrange to have someone aid you with assisted care. This person should be staying at home with you for the first few days as you try to live each day with limited mobility. You can expect tightness around the abdomen, and when you walk it is ideal to do so in a hunched-over manner to take strain off that area. You will also want to take any painkillers Dr. Grossman prescribed, as directed. 

During the first two weeks of recovery time, you will want to make sure you don’t stand for prolonged durations. You should also avoid excessive movements and make sure you don’t lift heavy objects. If you are responsible for heavy chores around the home, arrange to have someone do these things for you. After two weeks have passed, you can return to driving a car, and at this point you can also begin doing some mild chores around the home. When you shower use a chair or consider a sponge bath, as showering after the first two weeks of recovery might be challenging. 

One month after surgery you might be constipated. Be sure to eat meals rich in fiber to avoid constipation. Using over-the-counter stool softeners is fine, and you should drink lots of water. You will also want to have follow-up appointments with Dr. Grossman to ensure that everything is on track to see a perfect recovery. Most people can go to work after the first full month, but Dr. Grossman will be able to give you this return time based on your recovery progress.

After eight weeks to two months, you should be able to exercise, unless the doctor says otherwise. Most people also return to work at this time. Make sure to attend your checkup appointments, as the doctor will need to see you to give a good timeline for returning to work and resuming your normal life’s activities. 


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